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 I had planned a blog of good music I was going to hear today but my FL weather had different plans. We were under a Tornado watch, not sure it really was one but it was a massive storm and I now have a tree in my pool and power all over was out for over 8 hours. Everyone is OK and that’s the most important thing.

The other day I attended Franklee Anatra’s show and received this cool rock star chair from what next when I tipped him.  It has some very nice poses in it.  Dressed in this rocking skirt from Corvus,  sweet top from NV, shoes from Hucci and Izzie’s 70’s glasses. This fabulous Mina hair was just the right look. OH and this cool tattoo from Tenjin. However, I’m thinking, I look more like a groupie than a rock star!

Saturday night (July 20) is pass the mic at Whiskey go Round.”It’s a great format, 3 songs and pass the mic (unless it  gets tooo crowded, then  we go to two songs each).  Oh I forgot also each artist takes a shot of their favorite beverage before each song, and around we go.)  It truly is about the music and the people and trying out new material or funny songs or anything you like. ”  I always have a good time there so drop in and enjoy some music and meet some great people.  Taxi


My wanna be picture is brought to you by the following:

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Hair ~MINA Hair – Petra (Marketplace Store )   Available at Hair Fair

Top ~NV ~Ace Top -Black&Leo Grey (Marketplace Store)

Skirt ~Corvus ~ Darker Mesh Skirt with Belt (Marketplace Store)

Glasses ~Izzie’s – 70s Sunglasses silver (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~HH:: Hucci Manteo Sandals – Collection comes with  hud   (Marketplace Store)

Ring ~Miss LT ~Amelie ring silver (Marketplace Store)

Tattoo ~Tenjin Vegas Baby Tattoo Fresh ( also has  faded option)

Props and Poses ~what next~ Rockstar’s ~ Chair FrankLee’s Dreamer Gift ( guitar is also  what next)  (Marketplace Store)


I’m a klutz……………..

pelleClick Picture

I took a stroll through Hazardous again today, looking at areas I’d not seen before. I ventured down into a fissure and was foolish enough to walk down a rickety walk way and  well as you can tell I slipped! Most who know me already are privy to the fact that I am a klutz in both worlds. I ruined my new NV jeans and Ever ‘an Angel tops. Muddied up my lovely Pelle skin and hair, and lost a piece of my Miss LT jewelry. I should have remembered that the sim is called Hazardous for a reason. Take a trip there yourself  and see why.  Taxi

I spent some time at the Shoe Fair 2013, but I am wondering if it isn’t quiet ready yet as there weren’t as many shops as I had expected and many empty ones. I did however pick up a few pair and of course you will be seeing them soon. Taxi

This evening I tp’d around here and there with my first stop being, Zenzibar where Franklee Anatra was doing an acoustic set of contemporary tunes.“FrankLee has been playing nightclubs and parties professionally in the Real World for well over a decade and SL since  2008” Franklee has a captivating voice and along with his harmonizer and guitar, puts on one heck of a good one man show. It’s clear why he has had a good following all these years in SL. If you haven’t heard him yourself you can at 6pm slt 18/07 at Crystal Gardens.                         Facebook            Website

The other music I saw this evening I have blogged this week so won’t tonight.

Some music options or July 18th

Surfside Hideaway
11pm Aminius Writer
12pm Clairede Dirval
1pm  Suzen Juel
2pm KatRose Serendipity
3pm Nance Brody

Lavender Fields for Feed a Smile
12pm Chelsea M Noel
1pm  James Corachea
2pm Ariangel Rockefeller
3pm Rara Destiny


My Hazardous, klutz picture is brought to you by the following:

Skin ~PELLE ~ Sabina Ebony skin pale lips eyeliner   (Marketplace Store)

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~PELLE ~ Howl mesh hair black with Tattoo shaved base (Marketplace Store)

Tops ~Ever An’ Angel ~ Sheer Morris Blouse – Tulip                                                                                                                                                          ~ Embroidered Cami Bra – Artemisia   (Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ NV ~450 Ski Jeans ~used washed   (Marketplace Store)

Jewelery ~ Miss LT ~Asas  ~Necklace and Earrings ~ Silver  (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ Hazardous


My evil twin……

daallee and dale  Click Picture

It’s been few days since I last blogged as I had a lot going on in First Life but I’m back and want to introduce you all to someone.  Dale (aka daalleee) my evil twin who thinks it would be great to model some male fashion from time to time. As he was putting himself together we stopped off at Zed and picked up these cool outfits. I made a dash into CoCo’s for my sneakers while Dale dropped into his barber, Redgrave for a trim. We ran out of time so I just slapped on an Argrace hair and cap and headed to one of my favourite sims Roche for some great views and pictures.

I finally made it to the Hair Fair after many tries. As always I encourage everyone to strip down to basics as it’s slow moving due to the number of avi’s there. I didn’t see many avi’s who have gone back to basics… just saying. If you liked legos as a child your going to like the hair fair. I purchased several hairs I really liked so you’ll be seeing them in upcoming blogs. I really liked that the demo’s were available through group notices so you can go directly to where your favourite hairs are.  Taxi

Shoe Fair has finally started and runs till the end of the month. I have yet to make it in but here is your Taxi, perhaps you’ll have more luck. Remember SCRIPT DOWN!!

Last evening I tp’d over to Dust Radio to hear Etherian Kamaboko. “Etherian performs Blues, folk, rock and jam covers. Playing 6 & 12 string acoustic, Resinator Slide, and electric guitar w/ harmonica, with keyboard drum emulator. All Live!! ” Great hour of old school blues and folk with a very cool harmonica going on.  Made me want to grab a glass of cold sweet tea, kick back in a rocking chair on the porch and listen with my eyes closed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an upcoming performance for Etherian.                       Website

Today I finally had the chance to hear Moon Spark for a full hour at Portland. “A voice that will rock your ears and guitar playing that moves your heart! This talented singer will have you sing along with some awesome covers and original tunes. With her raw edgy sound and loads of laughter during all of her tracks, she makes you want to hear more! ” Not much more  I can add to that except she lived up to every word of it. I will definitely make time to see Moon more often. Hear her for yourself at Mind, Body & Spirit 17/07 1pm slt.  Ask her to sing some Melissa Etheridge cos she rocks it!

Next on the Portland stage was Jukebox Diesel with his always moving acoustic sound  and Scottish accented mellow voice. An hour with Juke is always an hour well spent and you’ll quickly find yourself singing or humming along. Do your ears a favour  and go hear  Jukebox 17/07 at Boom Pony 5pm slt.  Facebook

Some music options for July 17th

Commune Utopia~ Cassi Ansar~ 12pm slt – Woodstock Wednesdays!

End of Time
1pmRussell Eponym
2pm Eeco
3pm Seamore

Peppa Mill for late nighters
8pm   Savannah Cornet
9pm Chillee Hernandoz

I know I keep saying my blog is moving to daallee.com  exclusively but I have one more thing to do before I can do that but it will be very soon. Please update your follow status if your still interested.


My evil twin picture is by the following:


Hair ~Argrace~ Baseball Cap with hair  “Long wavy” ~ Blonde (Marketplace Store)

Top ~ZED ~Tribal Kanij Hoodie ~ White (available in several colours)               (Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ZED ~ Tribal Kanji Sweat pants, Black (available in several colours)         (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~COCO ~Distressed Leather Sneakers ~Two-tone (Marketplace Store)


Skin ~Belleza– Mathieu Tan available at the Boys of Summer Fair

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~Redgrave ~ Hair CHRIS – Dark (Marketplace Store)

Top ~ZED ~ MESH Tribal Kanji Trackie Jacket ~ Black (available in several colours)(Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ZED ~ Skull Cargo Shorts – Dark (available in several colours)                (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~ZED~MESH Hogs Breath Boots with socks (available in several colours)(Marketplace Store)

Pose ~Rack Poses ~ I’m waiting (Marketplace Store)

Location~ Roche


Thank goodness for weekends….

one of those weeksClick Picture

Have you ever had one of those weeks you wish would end in a hurry and the weekend would appear yesterday instead of tomorrow?  I think we all have at one time or another.  I was exploring a sim named Roche. Barren, isolated, worn out and lonely, yet there was a sense of peace there. The buildings have weathered storms and the land has given all it can but it all seems to stand proud. A wonderfully landscaped sim and perfect place to take pictures. I got a bit frustrated when I broke the heel on my CBF shoe, so I sat down at this bus stop, none came.  I was probably a bit over dressed for exploring in my slip of a dress from Auxiliary, jewelry from Miss LT and hairdo by both D!va and LeLutka . Finally someone sent me a tp elsewhere. If you go to Roche, forget about the bus, take the free bike and ride around. Did I mention there is sheep there?  Taxi

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY FRIDAY!  It’s also a big weekend in SL .

On Saturday, thousands of volunteers and team members will be gathering on July 13-14 for the ninth annual Relay For Life of Second Life 24 hour event to CELEBRATE, REMEMBER and FIGHT BACK. Together they will walk the The Relay track which stretches across 34 of 40 Relay sims  in their quest to see an end to cancer. In total more than US$300,000 has been raised during the 2013 season.  Website   Facebook   Blog Twitter  Flicker . Unfortunately I wont be able to attend much as I have a RFL event in First Life Saturday and other things going on.

Two very popular fairs start on Saturday. The Hair and Shoe fairs.  I can feel my wallet emptying as I type.

Hair Fair runs from July 13-28th. Here is the website and the LM should be available after midnight on their website or in search.

Shoe Fair runs from July 13th – 31st.  Here is the website and the LM should be available after midnight on their website or in search.

Just a bit of Friday Music but there is so much more in SL more than I could even start to   blog so use that search to find  it all.

July 12 ~ End of Time
1pm KevinThomas Carpool
2pm Lightnin Lowtide
3pm Reallymad Morpork

July 12 Surfside Hideaway
12pm Mamaa Saiz
1pm   Beth Odets
2pm  RoseDrop Rust
3pm Tukso Okey
4pm Laidback Celt
5pm Senjata Witt


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Hair ~D!va~Chika4 (Type A)(Cat’s eye)(Marketplace Store) ( siting up )

Hair ~LeLutka ~INVERTED hair ~BlondeFun (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~Auxiliary ~Belted Pencil ~ Geo ~Nudes Available at Collabor88 (Marketplace Store)

Makeup ~ alaskametro~ Limited Edition Makeup – Mascara Tears available from the the 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt.

Shoes ~CBF – SERENA Zebra Strap (Shoes I bred)

Jewelery ~Miss LT ~Amy black pearl  Necklace and Earrings (Marketplace Store)

Location ~Roche


If an Avi trips in SL does anyone hear it’s cries?

kowloonClick Picture

I took a trip to the Kowloon Market, a very interesting Asian sim full of quirky and interesting sights. As I was headed down to the Flea Market I tripped and ripped my new jeans from Candydoll and ended up with virtual blood all over my new Grasp shirt, and Hoc sneakers. I was rather embarrassed so I just pulled my Miss C hat over my face, picked myself up and continued on my journey. However, I do have to ask…. did anyone hear my cries?  As I said, this is a very interesting place full of strange and curious wares, many hidden areas, just a rather cool place to explore. The official description is ….クーロンSIMはPSゲームのクーロンズゲートをセルフトリビュートして制作したものです。
当時の製作者の一部が、クーロンSIMを制作しています。       Here’s your taxi should you wish to explore Kowloon.

Charmed Breedable Fashion CANCELLATION……………….  The Wearable Auction set for 5pm slt Thursday July 11th, has been cancelled for now.  BUT customer appreciation Day is still on for 24 hrs Thursday, July 11th. All designer bags and flair bows to make the wearables will be on sale for 50% off. I hope they have a traffic cop available as I bet there will be tp jams all day!  Sale will run from 7am slt July 11th until 7am July 12th. Sale Locations : Mainstore      Sassy’s    Wheels

The Hair Fair starts this coming weekend (13th) and the DEMO group is now open and is free to join. Copy and paste this into your viewer to join.    ~   secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about    Demo packs from designers will be sent out on the 12th and you will be able to try the demos at home or in a lag free place and then make your choices

Due to  storms in my First Life area I am ending my blog here this evening.


My Kowloon picture is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~ Miss C. – Xenia II_AshBlonde (includes hat and colour hud) Available at Designers Circle

Shirt ~ Grasp ~Patch shirts(LQ)Red  (Marketplace Store)

Jeans ~Candydoll ~ Cosita Jeans Shade 12  (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~HOC Industries – Suede Sneakers (includes colour hud) (Marketplace Store)

Jewlery ~EMO-tions ~TRUTH* bracelet and Necklace  (Marketplace Store)

Poses ~no wow- wild thing~ nr.4 (Marketplace Store)

Location ~Kowloon Market


Alone with my kites……

kites  Click Picture

I Spent some time flying kites today… carefree and alone in the pretty meadow at Image Essentials.  I’d made a stop earlier at Collabor88 to see the new months offerings. The theme is Midsummer and there is some awesome buys to be had. I picked up this sweet and innocent looking dress from U.F.O, great sandals from Hucci and  jewelery from Yummy. D!va had this amazing hair that pulls my innocent look together.

The Boys of Summer Fair has started and runs until the 31st of July. This is an event for the boys devoted to summer wear. There are 74 designers offering fashion, accessories, tats, skins and poses. There are exclusive items that can be found only at the fair and at 50% off. So guys here’s your chance at a make over or some great new clothes, etc. Lady’s lets help those boys spiffy themselves up!  Taxi

A designer friend suggested I mention this Marketplace problem to any sellers who might be reading my blog.  “Recently, an error on the Second Life Marketplace has caused some successful marketplace orders to not actually be paid to your Second Life account.This tool provided by CasperTech allows you to compare your Second Life Transaction History XML to your marketplace order history CSV.”    The tool can be found here.

This evening I attended the grand opening of The Peppa Mill which was a great success with attendance reaching  80+ at one point in the evening.  Facebook

Long Pausch started the evening with an impressive compilation of soulful and romantic  covers.  A very gifted singer with a sensual voice perfect for his genre of tunes. Long is a great choice for an hour with that special someone. You can hear him yourself at Templemore 12/07  5pm slt.  Facebook

Hoping on stage next was Chillee Hernandoz full of her usual boundless energy, whipping the audience into a state of frenzy. Just to mix it up she’s been known to throw in a few slower songs but all in all you’ll always leave a Chillee’s shows looking forward to her next one. Catch Chillee at Solarwinds 10/07 at 8pm slt.   Facebook

Ending the evening was the Potlatch Foggarty who pours himself into every song he sings. An hour with Potlatch will take you from hard and soft rock to jazz or big band and some fabulous originals. Potlatch will be at Smokin Aces  12/07 6pm slt.  Facebook

July 10th, it’s Woodstock Wednesday again at Commune Utopia and Whirli Placebo will be taking the stage at 12 noon slt. Whirli is a live musician/songwriter, 99% original, 1% WTF!  “supercrazyfunnyfantasticbombasticcool”, ”  Come hear and decide for yourself! Here’s your Taxi.

July 10 ~ End of Time
1pm Russell Eponym
2pm Bluemonk Rau
2pm Rosedrop Rust


My sweet and innocent kite flying picture is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~D!va~ Ange ~ (Cat’s eye) Available at Collabor88  (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~u.f.o ~bohemian islet dress ~ lace  Available at Collabor88  

Shoes ~HH Hucci Nasik Sandals – White Hot Summer  Available at Collabor88 (Marketplace Store)                    (requires slink feet)

Jewelry ~Yummy ~ Midsummer Blossom ~ Jade (Earrings and Necklace) Available at Collabor88  (Marketplace Store)

Props and Poses ~aDORKable Poses: Kite

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ The Meadow


And now for some news…………….

shopping1Click Picture

 It’s the beginning of another week and where was I, shopping. I dressed up in this very attractive dress and shoes from Ever’an Angel, and had my hairdresser Pelle did this dazzling job with my hair and headed back to the Home Show. As you can see I spent quiet a bit of Linden. I may actually have to get a job one of these days.

I didn’t make it to any music today but I do have a few things to talk about as there is always lots of things going on to peek everyone’s interest.

For all you Charm Breedable Fashion devotee’s, here’s your chance to become part of the team. CBF Is Hiring…. if your addicted to breeding shoes then why not become a representative. Just go to the store or ask in chat and an application will be sent.

July 11th is going to be a big day at CBF as its Customer Appreciation Day! Design bags and flair bows @ 50%! This is a sale you certainly wont want to miss!  PLUS………………………..  MOST IMPORTANT……………………
July 11th is also the first Wearables Auction 5pm SLT!   If you have shoes you’ve made wearable and would like to put up for sale, Now is your chance! Contact Team Lead, Torrington Garnet for your podium. Your shoes MUST be worn on the seller or the sellers model.  Minimum starting bids 500 Lindens. Taxi

A new music venue is opening up Tuesday July 9th, The Peppa Mill. When Jill Mackenzie and Mandy Bailey heard Sherie’s Gaslight was closing for the summer they were quite upset because the late night music scene in SL is rather sparse. The two decided since they had some available space on their sim they could open a venue to fill the void and Peppa Mill was developed.

Jill and Mandy would like to invite everyone to join then at the Grand opening of The Peppa Mill for an amazing night of music and fun. The Peppa Mill is a live music venue where the land has been donated so 100% of all venue tips will be put back into SL Live Music community. Here’s your Taxi for 3 hours of great music.

Opening nights stellar line up consists of:
8pm  Long Pausch
9pm Chillee Hernandoz
10pm Potlatch Foggarty

July 9 ~ End of Time
12pm Paradorn Ansar
1pm Whirli Placebo


My shopping picture is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~PELLE – Agnese mesh hair golden blonde blur  (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~Ever An’ Angel Morpheus Summer Dress – Fawn (includes necklace) (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~ Ever An’ Angel Element Pump  Taupe (Marketplace Store)

Jewelry ~Izzie’s  ~ Leather Strap Bracelet brown (July group gift)   (Marketplace Store)

               ~Amorous ~~ Earrings ~ Splendor Solis (Marketplace Store)

Props and Poses ~aDORKable Poses~ Shopping Spree 9 ( old gatcha)

Location ~ Home Show


I got lost in First Life……….

everzed1             Click Picture

Wow it’s Sunday night already, feels like it was Wednesday yesterday. I’ve been busy in First Life and enjoying the gorgeous summer weather and not in SL as much as usual.

With the upcoming changes in SL this coming week it seems many people are in panic mode and I’ve helped a lot friends to convert to Firestorm or Singularity. I finally took a break and headed to my Driftwood Beach Den for some yoga and relaxation.  I put on this great skin and shape from Beau Visage  the sexy new beach attire from Zed and had my hairdresser Analog Dog give me this sweet wavy hair style and hid out!  Unfortunately it didn’t last long.

I’ve had an issue with Singularity and today 3 friends had the same problem, it crashes as soon as loads.  Since it was now not only me I started searching for a fix and found it. If anyone else has this problem it is a bug in the 1.8.0 release, but there is an easy fix! YAY  Apparently, if you also use Firestorm on the same pc the bridge detach code can crash the viewer. Turn off per-account settings in Vanity, then turn off auto-detach bridge in System, Security.  My Singularity, and my friends are now working great!  As for the upcoming changes in SL, we are all in the same boat of wait and see. I  suggest we all just believe it will go smoothly…..”fingers   crossed”.

Headed to Merry Pranksters this evening for the Pickin Party.  Every Sunday evening from 7-11 pm slt  it’s a whoever drops in event and there is always awesome musicians dropping in. Tonight I had the pleasure of hearing Lillie Woodells, MrJonze Independent, BARRY (avantgarde.frequency), BartAlan Barbasz, Vincent Carpathea, Noma Falta, Bono Fouroux. Drop by next Sunday, you never know who’ll  be playing,  but you can be sure it will be good! Taxi

That’s it, not much tonight. Have a good start to your week everyone . 🙂


My hide out picture is brought to you by the following

Skin and Shape~ Beau Visage-Forever Skin-Natural/Day#34 and Shape (cleavage skin and shape included)

Hair ~ Analog Dog ~ Harper ~ Mahongany

Eyes ~Zed ~ Eyes for WOMEN – Brown (Marketplace Store)

Beach Wear ~ Zed ~Summer Fresh Kini  Lime, Cream & Sunburst ( top, bottom & skirt and Lola appliers) (other colours available) (Marketplace Store)

Props and Poses ~ Skye Studio ~Driftwood Beach Den (Marketplace Store)


A girlie feeling kinda day……….


Click Picture

I was feeling all girlie today and Hucci had the perfect dress for my mood, this lovely summery one that can be casual or dressy depending on accessories.  My hairdresser Wasabi Pills as usual had this great hairdo for me and Maxi Gossamer the right accessories. Last these stylish shoes from Just Design completes my girlie look.

Today I took some time to check out The Home Show. WOW, now if you’re looking for a home makeover you have one stop shopping on two sims. Every aspect of home decor is represented. There are two main landing areas with maps, big and visible at the landing area and in the middle of each sim.  Sim 1     Sim2  Get ready to shop! Show runs the whole month of July.

For all you that like tattoo’s and makeup there is a hunt going on. The 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt. Tat’s are something I’ve recently started wearing and some are so pretty, you know I’ll be doing this hunt.  Hunt runs until July 31st. Starting point

Lastly, MadPea has another game starting. Mad City: The Return of Room 326.   If you like exploring, solving mysteries, then MadPea is for you. This is a point-and-click treasure hunt which requires the purchase of a hud for 150L.  Mad Pea never disappoints. Give it a try, I’m going to. Starting Point

Today I heard Brendan Shoreland at Lyrica for the first time. “Brendan touches our souls with his clear, haunting voice and precise guitar style! He performs selected covers from such artists as Donovan, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd, along with traditional British folk songs and some originals, all with no backing tracks or sound effects, just one man – one guitar. ” A very mellow performer who streams live from the UK. Soft and warm like a gentle breeze and a playful stage presence. I enjoyed the hour with Brendan and look forward to hearing him again.  Catch his next show at The Drunken Drow 06/07 10am slt. Website

I also heard two first’s tonight at Grand Falls. Chillee Hernadoz,”Her roots are blues….but she likes to sing a variety of music from all genres” performed her first ever dual stream with Phillip Moura,I’m Phillip, i’m a musician since i was 3 years old. I play flute, drums, guitar  and i also sing”. The first half hour Chillee wowed the crowd with her collection of popular covers, keeping the audience dancing and cheering.  Second half, Phillip joined her on his flute. These two could not be more different but for me it worked. Like waves crashing against the rocks, a bit wild at first but at the same time soothing. Ending the show Philip played acoustic guitar and sang in SL for the first time.  I’m so used to hearing him on the beautiful flute it was great hearing this other side of him.  You can hear Chillee at Kickin  06/07 11am slt.  Phillip is at the Sydney Opera House 06/07 1pm slt    Chillee  Facebook                          Phillip Facebook

July 6th ~ Rhi’s Poem
11am Terry Lynn Melody
12pm  Max Kleene
1pm Phemie Alcott
2pm  Phoenix J
3pm Voodo Shilton


My girlie picture is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~Wasabi Pills ~Tanya Mesh ~Rye –  (Marketplace Store) available at Fameshed

Dress ~HH~ Hucci Langtang – Pink Crush and Moonglow  ( comes with extra sizes depending on breast size and  actual measurements to help with  fitting)  (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~JD – Charme  – Tea Canvas (Marketplace Store)

Jewelry ~Maxi Gossamer – Bangles – Aphrodite’s Dream  ( hud included)-(Marketplace Store) available at Fameshed

Poses ~oOo Studio Ottoman (group gift ) (Marketplace Store)