Wild Wednesday Night!

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Was a fun Wedneday night in SL.   My dysfunctional  pals and I took in several shows .  Mason “Spicolo” Thorne  corrupted me ..  jammed that  ciggie in my mouth.. have a feeling it was more wacky tobaccy than anything as you can see I had a bad case of the munchies too! Yum yum  Candy necklaces!

Evening started at Forestwalkers Too with Greg ( gregellistoronto ) playing an ALL Canadian  set.  Way to go Greg! No youtube for Greg yet  so if you want to check him out you can  at the following.:

Canadian Thanksgiving Show
Thurs Oct 11 @ 9pm – Merry Pranksters
Wed Oct 17 @ 8pm SLT – Watr’s Edge PETITES

After Greg we all  tp’d  off to A Venue Of Note and found that dirty mouthed boy Raspbury  Rearwin strumming and thumping. Crowd  was wild and crazy. I got caught up in the moment and well.. see pic above and that corrupter Mason.

Wasn’t planning on staying later but PT Beardmore put in his stream and I was captivated and stayed on.  Great set to end the night. Good job PT. Sweet vocals.. I will be seeing him again.

Thanks to  Owl, Begonia, Keith,  Oodlemi,  Poco,  MsMinuet and Mason…. you guys are always so much  fun 🙂

My avi  pixels were  covered  by the following items:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair – [elikatira] [e] Indulge – Blonde 09

Top and  pants are a set from [ SAKIDE]   TAE Hunt

Top –  Irish Dropshoulder Pull Orange

Pants – Flirty Leather Laced Up Leggings Brown

Shoes – REDGRAVE – Linda in Orange

Necklace – {me.} Aster Necklace SHORT – Metal Stones

Earrings – ELUZION -Lizza Earrings (group git)

Bracelet –  BND -black ethnik bangles

Ring – (Left hand)  [RADEON AUTOMATIC ] – Steampunk Clockwork

Candy Necklace – free

Pose – AO sit mine

Location – A Venue Of Note



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