That sure is a little mini skirt!

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Thursday, the day before Naked Friday… mini skirt to ease my way into it. After all people do know me as a shy and quiet woman .. so takes me a bit of time to ease into Fridays. There fore Thursday is my springboard. Was in Sl early today at AerRock Beach to see one of the nicest men I’ve met in SL sing. Who might that be? Mr Dusty Smythe the man with heart in his voice .  As someone said to me… you can hear his life experience in his vocals. *Hugs* Dusty you make me smile.

The musician after Dusty  couldn’t make it and Irishman Mash Rhodes “Drinker with a guitar playing problem” filled in. Not only does he  have an awesome accent he can sing too!   Unfortunately I had to return to my First Life before the end of Mash’s show but I will definitely be at another one.

Evening found me at two shows. First one at CLUB ROCOCO to hear Von Johin ” Von johin is all about the roots of his musical love, american blues, rural country folk, bluegrass and more. ”  Awesome entertainer.  Make sure to  drop in on one of his shows.

Last show for me tonight was at  The Merry Prankster, for Mason Thorne…yes that corrupter Mason.  I just made sure I stayed far from the stage and his pipe. He was in good form tonight even if he thought he was surfing and not singing. I’d like 10 minutes inside that man’s head. I bet it’s full of pretty colours 😛  He gave a requested Rocky Horror song a try.. thank you  Mason we look forward to hearing the whole thing sometime 🙂 You did good !

My chosen outfit tonight was a bit of this and a bit of that….


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair – ““D!va“”  “Manon” (Type A)(Cat’s eye)

Nails –.::LE FORME::.French Nails  (Group gift)

Blouse with Bra – Immerschoen – BodyCult Shirt with black bra

Skirt – **SD**XX DOMJNIQleather miniskirt

Shoes – I ALEIDA I Vivian pumps – flamingo ( store closed)

Necklace – PRIMALOT ‘Dangle’: (set of 3)


Ring – (left hand) Oread Jewellery Designs Celtic knott ring- rose gold

Pose –  Owls dance  hud

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s hideaway


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