Newness in SL

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Was a busy day in my First Life as tomorrow is Thanksgiving but last night I wanted to check out a new club called The Station Club. Very well designed  esthetically pleasing  and full of things to do. Friendly staff and good music. “There is a lot to do on the station.  There is a bowling alley, lots of observation areas for quiet conversations, moon rovers and even moon fighters you can fly and blow up your friends and meteors!  Easiest way to get around the station is by using the teleport pads. There is one right outside the club.”   Much much more..  I suggest you go and check it out yourself. It’s definitely worth the tp.

Well those Boys at The source drew me in again tonight with a  spectacular lineup. Reggie Sunset with his warm, wrap you in a blanket  voice, was already deep into his set when I arrived.  Following was Voodoo Stilton, Stella Silvansky and Raspbury Rearwin all streaming live together from their respective locations.  Voodoo’s amazing fingers, Stella’s ethereal voice and Raspbury’s soft caress of  lyrics.  I enjoy hearing each on their own but I have to agree with my friend Misty Marksman  “the combination of the three carried me away to a different heaven on a symbiotic cloud of rapture.”

I stopped in at  The Dressing Room  this week and found a couple great  items, which  I’m wearing .


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair – ““D!va“” Hair “Maya” (Cat’s eye)

Lip Make-up – [PXL] KATE LT Rose Lips Glossy (Tattoo

Eye Make-up- Egoisme Evian Gentilesse Makeup 3

Jacket – Ricielli Mesh Trench Jacket/green at TDR..(The Dressing Room)

Skirt – MichaMi: Mini Statement in Pink at TDR

Shoes – – Shoes Cathy – 12colors  / REDGRAVE  ( green and pink)  (  12  colour  hud )

Jewlery –  Burroughs -Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and ( R hand) Ring- comes with a great hud for  lots of different looks

Pose – My Ao

Location – My Home Dilly Dally’s  Hideaway Photo Studio



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