Gobble gobble Canadian turkey day.

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I’m almost to full to type tonight.  Had my fill of turkey and trimmings, spent time with my family and took some ribbing about SL.
Was a quiet night in SL for me.  Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth  (Oblee) was at Herd Thinners Pub and my friends TP’d me over. Oblee has a very unique style..  it’s been described to me as looptastic funky jumbo. I  like his looping.. the funk in it makes me want to get up and bop all over my den. Oblee is a definite “go see”.
Last stop of the evening was  The Inspiring Orientation – Harpers.“An Interactive Illustration,  mushROOM is a graphic, 3-dimensional art installation, by Scottius Polke who created special artwork for the exhibit.” Amazing sim with scads of things to do.  Do yourself a favour  and check it out. Don’t miss the room with the big furniture and rock in the giant rocking chair, sit on the big desk,  jump on the huge bed and all the other playful toys there.

A more  low key outfit tonight by the  following designers :


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair – ANALOG DOG HAIR – sassafras roots shea

Blouse – Boho Baku~ Ocean Crinkle tied top

Jeans – **GizzA** Classic Jean Blue

Boots – Maitreya Stagioni Boots * Sand

Necklace – [ glow ] studio TV Necklace Gold  (old TDR)

Earrings – ELUZION * Luanna – Earrings

Bracelet – Govdora Bracelet

Ring – Silver Initial Ring ( no longer available)

Pose – rocking chair animations

Location – The Inspiring Orientation – Harpers



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