Busy Bee Saturday

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Was a busy day in SL for me. So many things I wanted to do.  Headed straight to Guthries to hear RonnieMayes . As always Ronnie did a first-rate job and I thoroughly enjoyed his set as I downed my 3rd cup of wake up java. Thank you Ronnie for my splendid wake up:)  Later on in the day I popped back in to see my buddy Oods in The Snail Races.  A  big group of our friends were there and we all cheered  him into 4th place.  Your SL is not complete until you have experienced the snail races.  Every Saturday at 11 am SLT.

Evening found back cruising music venues. Saturday night is a hard one.. sooooooooooo much choice. I decided on Noma Falta at PORTLAND-Tree.of.Lovers.  Noma rocked that stage and then some. Go to one of her show you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever and are counting the hours till her next show. An hour later  I rushed to Cheyanne’s Blues Warehouse for Big Daddy Blues (Tone Uriza) Oh mmma… that man’s laugh… his voice, his shows.. GO see him!  The end of my SL night found me at a Halloween party, hence my picture above.  My version of Mother Earth :). As  I mentioned a few days ago The land of the Drachenordenhas a great Halloween set up and tonight there was a Halloween party and prize for the best costume. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long and have my earth mother costume entered but First Life intervened. There will be another party and contest next Saturday and on Halloween night.

Earth Mother was  put together by the following designers:


Shape – My Own

Eyes IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue  (May 2012  group gift)

Lip Make-up – [PXL] KATE LT Rose Lips (Tattoo)

Hair – Hair – ::Exile:: Andrej:Chardonnay

Dress – Flowerdreams Creations  – Bella  (Old group gift)

Hair Wreath – Caverna Obscura Tintable Roses Wreath

Ears – Ana – Elf Ears / Elven Ears with Changeable Jewlery

Makeup – Taliesins Tails Bubble make up mask 2012

Belly jewlery –  EarthStones Sophia Belly Ring – Amethyst

Poses – *~* Y’s A&P  – Sexy Lesson 23, 24 and  Shakira 1 and 5

L0cation – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo studio



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