Daallee the wanna be

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I have no musical talent to offer Sl. I don’t play an instrument that anyone would be interested in, nor do I sing. If I sang I am sure I would be ejected as a griefter trying to break ear drums. So, as I once told someone  “those who can, sing…those who can’t listen and talk about it”. OH,  I have a talent …… I  TALK!  lol  Sundays I usually host for  Laidback Celt at Temptation Falls 7am slt *groan*  Early for me but I was there doing my thing as was Laidback. An hour of LB’s special mix of rock, country, rockabilly anything the  crowd asked for.  Always something different to look forward to at LB’s shows.

Quinton Whitman ”  Playing  primarily Originals with Appalachian, old time, blues, folk, a few rock and  Original Song Thrown in” was next on the schedule, first time I’ve been able to attend a show of his.  Quinton sings with a lot of passion and kept my attention even when I wanted to go back to bed for a few more hours! I will be seeing him again.

Later in the day I caught the last half hour of Stinna’s show.  Always a bundle of energy and sweetness as she pleases the crowd with popular tunes.

As you can see above I was a  fake musician today. A few items  I have already blogged but what I really wanted to display today was the poses and background


Shape – My Own

Hair – Hair – ::Exile:: Andrej – Swedish

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Feet – Slink Natural barefeet  Mesh  (Rigged)

Blouse – AOHARU_FrontKnotShirt (pink)

Jeans – Yasum*Anti Valentine Grunge* (October Group Gift)

Sandals – Slink Aussie Thongs (black)

Bracelet – Bracelet – Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry -Platinum

Poses – Teasoup – M.P. Cheapie [My Acoustic]

Background – Katink Sepia Special

Location – My Home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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