For the love of art

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This evening I had the opportunity to view an art show before it’s grand opening 12 noon SLT , Saturday October 28, 2012.  The show is being held at Paris Metro: Art Gallery at the Pour jeu de peaume and features two talented artists, Toysoilder Thor and JudiLynn India.  Each artist has their own unique style full of  awe inspiring wonderment.

Toysoldier Thor has several mediums, sculpture and photography of his own paintings, interpretation of other’s photographs in 2D and 3D. Each of Toysoilders works when clicked gives a very detailed note card entailing representation of the piece, it’s history and all mediums used in making the art. Toysoldier’s works are thought provoking and emotionally stimulating.

JudiLynn India has a different but none the less wonderful style of art. More abstract, yet you can feel her emotional tie to each piece.   Judilynn has a wonderful layering technique and her art is full of   vibrant colours.  If you click on her art you will receive an note card with her Bio and links to her galleries.

Every month two artists are invited by curator Reezy Frequency to do a show at the gallery owned by fashion designer Paris Zsun.  After each artist sets up, Paris Zsun selects one work of art from each artist and makes it into a special release of a dress. This dress is released at the Grand Opening. Fifty percent of all sales of that dress will go back to the artist. The rest goes to the running of the gallery.

I suggest you make a point of dropping into the gallery and treating yourself to a viewing of both these very talented artists work.

You can see some of the art in my picture above.

My art viewing attire of  choice was as  follows:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Lip Make-up – [PXL] KATE LT Wine Lips  glossy (Tattoo)

Hair – ::Exile::All for Love:Chardonnay – available at THE ATTIC

Dress – Essences – Nile Dress – available at THE ATTIC

Shoes -REDGRAVE   Loona – 12colors ( pink and black)

Braclet – JCNY – Young Hollywood, Hyper-Gems Bracelet

Necklace and earrings –MG -AngelWings  – SILVER

Poses – My AO

Location – Paris METRO Couture ~ La Samaritaine, Paris, France



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