The many faces of Oods

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Today I thought I would take a different turn with my blog and introduce you to friend of mine,.Oodlemi Noodle, Oods who I have mentioned before is a very colourful SL citizen who is coming up to his 7th year rez day in a few months. One would think after all this time he might be bored yet Oods keeps finding new and interesting things to do.  He has 50+ assorted monster and oddity avatars and a huge inventory of all kinds of wacky things all of which he claims is sorted and organized.  Wish mine was!

Picture above shows some of  Oods various characters and NO they are not for Halloween, they are all him!  Oods enjoys talking with people, exploring and admiring other peoples creations, music, hunts and  finding new and unusual things to show all his friends. Believe me with a friend like him everyday is an adventure.  He’s been doing The snail Races since 2006 and is now setting out on a new adventure as a  burlesque dancer at Guerilla Burlesque. Now there is another place I suggest everyone have on their to do list. “Guerilla Burlesque presents a weekly revue featuring dance acts set to terrific music in a show you will want to see again and again. It’s one dazzling hour of clever concepts, gorgeous costumes and pinpoint choreography, as shared with a loving and beloved audience who would not miss a show” Next performance is Friday, Oct., 27 2012 at  12 midnight SLT at Idle Rouge

One thing Oods knows about SL … “I never would have lasted this long without all my wonderful friends”. If you see Oodlemi Noodle on the grid say hi, he is one cool and interesting  dude!

If you like Oods cool guitar dude or his snail you can find them here:

Guitar Player – Death row Designs– Draegan – Comes complete with Skin, shape, hair, shoes, outfit and acessories with some being MESH

Guitar – OD Designs  Jazz Bass Black

Snail –The Snail Races –  each snail is personalized by the owner

Poses – Avante Renaissance Galleria – Poses or Guys ( free gift)

Background –  Katink – Dark future Set

L0cation – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo studio



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