Hunting the sexy stuff

Womenstuff Hunt, PXL,Ikon, Laidback Celt, Dusty Smythe, Mason Thorne, gregellistoronto, Merry Pranskters, The Pier at Wild Beach,Ground Zero,AerRock Beach                                                                                                 Click Picture

More great Womenstuff Hunt finds today. Looking for a sensual look  then hit the hunt trail and you’ll find one.   First musical delight of my day was my buddy Dusty Smythe at AerRock Beach.  His soothing folk tun-age  slowly woke me up at just the right ampage 🙂  Dusty is a great story teller, check him out and tell him Daallee sent you.

I hosted for Laidback Celt, my one hosting job in SL. The word one  might give you a clue as to my hosting abilities 😛  Today’s show was at a very nice venue, An Artists Showcase called Spark’s.  Rock was the  flavour  of the hour and LB didn’t disappoint. “His music has passion, energy and soul. If you like your rock ‘n roll to sound like rock ‘n roll, then you need to come hear LB. His raspy voice was made to rock! He believes rock music is about unleashing passion and emotion and you can hear that in every song he plays.”  A loud noisy time  Whoot!

Evening  started at The Pier at Wild Beach for Marky (marky helstein) “Mark the moment and experience the distinctive, silky voice of Marky Helstein, live musician & songwriter  Marky’s live acoustic sets are a spirited blend of Classic Rock & Pop, Ballads, Country, Blues and original material.”  A nice mellow hour 🙂

I also took in Mr Mason Thorne’s performance at Merry Pranksters. What can I say about Mason I haven’t already? For a warped hazzy , folky fun time find a Mason show and have a blast 🙂

The evening  wound down with  Greg (gregellistoronto) “Quiet introspective songs, acoustic rock w/splashes of folk and country; 70’s to present; Canadian artists featured heavily.” Check him out his next show is 15/11/12 @ 9pm slt at Ground Zero.

My sexy attire today was designed by the following:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Green November Group Gift

Lip Make-up – [PXL] KATE LT Red Lips glossy (Tattoo)

Hair- MINA  – Ingrid LB05 included hair and hair band hud

Feet – Slink Womens Medium Height Barefeet tiptoe

Corset – [Etchaflesh] Virgin Suicide Busty Corset  ( reg and busty options and modifiable alpha layer) Womenstuff Hunt #32

Jewlery – Violator-Duchesse-White-Choker, Earrings, Necklace and Hand fan Womenstuff Hunt #26

Poses –KaTink Photo Studio v1.0

Backgound – My Own

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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