Daallee does purple!

The Alhambra, Ronnie Mayes, PXL, Womenstuff Hunt, Ikon, Amacci,The Surfside Hideaway ,Wayne Davis, Dusty Smythe, laidback Celt,Southern Nights Country Club ,Wolfie Moonshadow,katink,Wasabi Pills, Countdown, Chrysalis                                                                                                   Click Picture

My avi looks pretty all in purple thanks to the Womenstuff Hunt.  Nice coat and boots to brave the cooler temps.
This afternoon I was at a new venue in SL called The Alhambra. Ronnie Mayes who used to own the Crown and Anchor is co-owner with AiyanaTivaSihu . A nice small venue with lush decor with a fine Friday afternoon line up. First up was Ronnie Mayes himself “Influenced mainly by singer songwriters such as Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tom Petty, like to throw in an occasional traditional folk song and some original compositions.” As is his form, he mixed his music with good natured  ribbing of the audience and colourful stories. Unfortunately the performance was interrupted by a region restart.  Dusty Smythe and Laidback Celt were also on the billing but I had to be in First Life so I missed their performances.

Later in the evening I found myself at The Surfside Hideaway listening to Wayne Davis (waynedavisrocks.solo). Classic rock with some surprises thrown in. Definitely a high energy show not to be missed.

My last stop was Southern Nights Country Club where Wolfie Moonshadow was serenading the panty throwing ladies. “Wolfie is a Real Life singer, having performed at various events/clubs in Gibraltar, Spain and UK for 25 years. ”  An excellent choice of entertainer for a romantic date.

UPDATE : Twinky Waffle’s Respect Yourself Party is Novemeber 10/12 starting at 10am SLT  line up is full of wonderful SL artists — 4 am Wolf n Hawk, 5 AM Jessica Cardiff, 6 AM Nick99 Razor, 7 Am Whirli Placebo, 8 Am Brendan SHoreland, 9 AM Bronze8020, 10.30 Dragon in Stilettos, 12 PM Ciske Crumb, 1 pm Picker Apogee, 2 PM Jasher Faith and at 3 pm Icecremn.. ALL the cool people will be there… be there or be square :))

My purple haze outfit was by the following Womenstuff Hunt stores:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair – Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Rye (hairband hud)

Coat –Countdown Nicole Belted Coat Purple and stockings Womenstuff Hunt #199

Boots – Chrysalis – Blackberry Boot Womenstuff Hunt #180

Background and Poses  – KaTink Photo Studio v1.0 Final

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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