Smell the leaves and burning wood

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One of the great things about Autumn is a walk on a cool day through fallen crispy leaves and the smell of  wood smoke.  My hunt attire today is just  perfect for a day like this.
This evening I finally caught one of Mavenn’s shows at Endless~Delirium  Not only is she a fellow Canadian but she can sing the stuffing out of any song.  “Doing covers from AmyWinehouse, Norah Jones, The Rolling Stones, Melissa Etheridge &  More!!!” Mavenn has a very interactive show and makes each person in the audience feel welcome. Catch her next show at Sherie’s Gaslight 8pm SLT  13/11/12.

Later I was tp’d to a private  performance by Chip Takacs. “New songs, new sound, influenced by Blues Guitar players such as Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and B.B. King . He digs oldies and classic rock tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond. Playing to professional and self made back tracks he covers many taste in classic rock music.” Was a fun time as  Chip joked and sang his way through the hour. Don’t think I’ve laughed that much in months. Chips next scheduled show is  24/11/12pm STL at  Helle Angels.

My Womenstuff Hunt Autumn outfit was  designed by the following:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair – ANALOG DOG – sassafras root milk

Sweater and jeans – Ramel’s Design Womenstuff Hunt #78

Sunglasses –AXL pro FASHION l DIAMOND Glasses Womenstuff Hunt #156
Sneakers – [JP]:dsg Sneakers/Multichange Chelsea  (group gift)

Background and Poses – KaTink Photo Studio v1.0

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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