Go colour or go home!

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More beautiful fall colours in the Womenstuff Hunt, get hunting ladies!

Hosting night for Laidback Celt at The Palazzo  ( have to start charging him for advertising I mention him so often). My regular readers know  Laidback is a rocker and good friend of mine. Stop by and check out one of his shows. Next one is 11/14 12:00 noon SLT at Songbirds.

The Source – Winterfest, already in Winter mode with it’s snowy textures, was the place to be tonight. A lovely place to take some winter pictures.

Bringing down the roof was The Blues Preacher (srv4u Conacher)“Im a live blues musician playing both electric and acoustic blues. I am a christian so the blues is gospel high energy blues mixed with standards like srv4, bb king, buddy guy and the like.” and Wilma .. his  guitar. You really need to check this man out.

Following Preacher was Tom 2.0 (tom2point0) a relative newcomer to  the SL music scene. Tom plays acoustic covers, 50’s to modern day.  Check him out 18/11/12 at 9am SLT  at Gutheries 🙂

Update: The Paris Metro Gala at the Art Gallery has the dresses inspired by artists Toysoldier Thor and JudiLynn India for sale in the artists series section of the store. Both, very beautiful dresses as you can see for yourself if you click each artists name.

My colourful Womenstuff Hunt outfit was put together by the following designers:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Lip Make-up – [PXL] KATE LT Red Lips glossy (Tattoo)

Hair – Amacci – Karen ~ Wheat Blond ( also red and back plus band hud) Womenstuff Hunt #164

Dress – OutRage -R.R. The Autumn Dress  Womenstuff Hunt #25

Sweater – K2K mesh cardigan ( also comes with a white tank top) Womenstuff Hunt #120

Jewelery Set – SG’s Designs  Sadness  Necklace and Earring Womenstuff Hunt #23

Poses –BEZ! Sensual

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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