Second Life 2006

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Before the days of flexi prims and mesh there was a time of SL basics.
I revisited a sim today that I discovered quite some time ago named Svarga. This sim was built in 2006 before the days of sculpties and flexi prims and nothing has been added or changed since then. Take a ride on a bumblebee as it fly’s you through all the builds with descriptive text  during the tour.  It’s really an amazing place and  the beauty of it’s simplicity proves you don’t need all the fancy tools we have now in SL 2012. Svarga really is a must see in any Second Life journey.

My musical wanderlust tonight began at Rhi’s Poem a very nice venue set on a pretty little island. James (acousticenergy.nitely) a very gifted artist had the crowd in the palm of his hand with his ballads and pop song covers along with some amazing originals. Always a fun time at one of James show’s check him out at Key West Resort and Marina on 11/18 12 6:00 pm SLT . Ask him to sing Volcano!!!

Another TP across the grid landed me at Sherie’s Gaslight.  Mark King Radio was playing.  Mark and Mary not only play SL together but are a duo in First Life. “We’re a real band based in Los Angeles California, we use our real names, we play our real instruments and it’s us singing. Lets Party!”  Smoking blues/rock covers and originals.Do yourself a favour and catch their next performance at Bleu Katt Lounge 11/17 /12 at 12:00 pm SLT you won’t regret it!

My  outfit tonight is  brought to you by the following designers:


Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON  Horizon Eyes v2 – Pale Glass

Hair – TRUTH Tammy w/Roots – oasis

Dress – Apple May Minerva

Boots – Schadenfreude Amargosa Boots  (decoration hud) at Collabor88

Jewlery – League Coin Collector Set -Old Gold Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings ( 3 metal types included)

Ring – LaGyo Bonbon  (left hand)

Poses- My AO

Location – Svarga



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