Lazy Tuesday

                                                                                                         Click Picture

What a lazy day for me, spent a long time at Guthries this morning listening to some great musicians.  Matthew Perreault “Matthew takes an irreverent look at everyday life and writes songs about it, or finds ones that say what he wants to say.” was performing when I arrived.  A crowd pleaser, Matthew always leaves you wanting more. See him at The Drunken Drow 28/11/12 at 5:00 p.m. slt.

Kiesta Aljon was up next  to Guthries Stage. she reminds me of Tracy Chapman with her low sultry voice. Great covers and an original or two. You can catch her gig at Guthries every Tuesday at 9am slt.  Keista is also an avid photographer and has a gallery Sacred Art.  Excellent work to be seen there and all her Xmas trees are for free if you click on them. Take a tp over and check out her work.

Mamaa Saiz rounded out the morning with his smexy, smooth mellowness. The man can melt icebergs with his voice.  You can find him at Surfside Hideaway 28/11/12 at 12pm slt.

NB ~ Wednesday is another Memorial show for  Jeanette Janus at End of Time Arts Center.

Todays outfit is brought to you by the S as in Silver Lining Hunt:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ ARGRACE  ~Military Cap “Loose Chignon” ~ Blonde

Top ~ Zen Creations ~ Silver Lining Blouse Silver Lining Hunt

Pants ~ NuDoLu Pantalon jean + laine Monochrome Silver Lining Hunt

Socks ~ Candy Stripes – Lacey Tippy Toe Socks (old group gift)

Bracelet ~ Zen Creations Silver Series  blue 2 (several colours)Silver Lining Hunt

Necklace ~  Divinity  Lovestruck Necklace

Fireplace ~ L&K Prefabs ~ Old fireplace ~ Silver Silver Lining Hunt

Poses ~Image Essentials ~ IE ground sit #2 and Now the Blues # 14 & 15

Location ~ My Home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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