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Where else but SL can you find great music and help a friend shop for a penis all in one day? Today I had my morning coffee a Guthries listening to the enchanting voice of Phoenix J (phoe.nix)“I’m a piano-vocalist, RL and in SL, performing jazzy folk-pop and classic songs with some originals.” My first time hearing her and I was blown away at the pure tone of her voice. What a wonderful wake up for me. You’ll find Phoenix at Bogarts Jazz Club 30/11/12 at 3pm slt.

Later on at Guthries I was delighted to hear a set by a duo new to SL, Dragon in Stilettos. “Dragon in Stilettos is a musical duo consisting of guitarist GuitarLone, and vocalist Hazellie. They enjoy music of all genres, but are most familiar with alternative rock and contemporary music.”   I see good things ahead for these two. A very enjoyable hour 🙂 Go see for yourself 30/11/12 1pm slt at AerRock Beach.

This evening I took on the task of helping my crazy friend and SL performer Mason Thorne find a penis. I  laughed so much I have a sore throat! We looked through marketplace and picked out 3 that seemed to  catch his interest. Aero, Xcite and Royal. We were also on Skype and if you know  Mason Thorne you will understand why this was such a task.  So, we gathered the LM’s and off we went to inspect them. Each penis was inspected for realism, ability to skin match, sizes, and functions. Royal was on sale but apparently cost is not a factor when a man wants a good looking appendage! So Royal, although nice looking was not what  he wanted so we moved onto Aero.  Now I have to tell you Mason has a very warped sense of humour and attempted to strike up a conversation with other men looking at the penises on display. Didn’t go over to well  and I watched the men move away from him 🙂 “this looks like a good hog son I think you should buy it ” didnt seem to be  funny to them ! lol The Aero Magnus seemed to be exactly what he wanted. Visually realistic, option of circumcised or not, over 20 skin matches and a remote hud so someone can help him sort it out.  We still needed to check out Xcite though, so we tp’d over. WOW what a place and the diff ways you can customize. Penises for all kinds of SL citizens in as many colours and forms as you can imagine. Mason appeared very confused at all the choices and became a bit incoherent, but when he discovered the  penis Xmas decorations he snapped back into focus.  However he still was drawn to the Aero and back we went to  purchase it. I am now having awake-mares imaging the antics that are going to happen with that remote hud. The words…  I’m going to have a colour my penis competition” keeps resounding in my ears!!  OMG what have I help to create? I’m also picturing him with the Xmas lights from Xcite wrapped around his appendage or the candy canes.  I just hope I can sleep tonight! Stay tuned for more adventures in Mason-land  in the  future!

My  appendage shopping outfit is by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ Sadistic Hacker ~ Nagi Hair ~ strawberry

TOP ~ REDGRAVE  ~Top with  snake detail ~ DarkSands

Skirt ~ Baiastice ~ Selma Mesh miniskirt-olive- The Dressing Room

Boots ~ Maitreya Radical Boots ~ Suede Chamoisee

Jewlery ~  Studio Early Morning Earth Gold Earrings and Necklace TDR

Bracelet ~ Erratic ~cuff ~ gold

Poses ~ Image Essentials ~ Now the Blues Kneeling #8 and Now the Blues # 1
Background ~ Country Pack ~ KaTink Photo Studio v1.0

Location ~ My Home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Studio



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