Friends who share

hunt-pj1                                                                                                                                                         Click Picture

Good friends in SL are treasures to hold on to tight. I’m lucky to have a wonderful circle of close friends who keep my SL a fun place to be. New friends welcome of course but there are always those that reach through the screen and touch you deeply. *hugs to all  for you know exactly who you are* Above one friend shares his The With Love Hunt  pj’s and even posed for this picture with me. 🙂

Another friend shared a really cool sim with me. Treptower Park, Eagle Crest. We floated around in a “fuwa-fuwa” bubble exploring all the weird and wonderful things placed there by the builder, Squonk Levenque .”Welcome to Treptower Park, freely inspired by an existing abandoned amusement park in Berlin (former Est Berlin) in Germany. Feel free to explore, you’ll find a few “hints” of what my SL life is…was…will be…and some of them concernes my RL life too. Grab the freebies (more to come…).”  This really is a unique place to visit and you won’t be disappointed.

Other friends share their love of music and art with me, tping me around to enjoy their favourites which in turn become some of mine. My First Life has been enriched by wonderful Second Life friends and the new one’s I’ve yet to make.

Another day of concerts  by some awesome performers is set for 08/12/12 at The End of Time Arts Center . First up is Torbin Asp at  11am slt, followed by Mike Carnell at 12 noon slt, Gravey Jones at 1pm slt , Kinagree-Smith at 2pm slt, Guitarman Flanagan at  3pm slt and ending at  4pm with Jamba Losangeles.

The cute With Love Hunt  pjs outfit are by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~LeLutka~NOOK ~ BlondeFun

Pj’s and slippers ~ EPIC ~Reindeer Pajama The With Love Hunt #43

Poses and bed ~ Trompe Loeil ~ Mendoza Bed – Aguayo & Black Frame

Location ~ My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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