I went hunting and found a Guerilla in the Burlesque?


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Well…   there really weren’t guerilla’s in the Burlesque, it’s just the groups name.  However, no matter their name this is one group of talented people.  Spectacular sets full of colour, bling, fizzle and pop and dance routines that keep the viewer riveted with eyes forward.  Each week this amazing group puts on a show that keeps getting better and better. Friday nights Christmas show was a great success, but then all their shows are. The Guerilla Burlesque shows are every Friday night at midnight slt at  The Idle Rogue.

Finally had a free Saturday to catch the snail races again and see my favourite snail racer, Oods (oodlemi.noodle).  Today was the last race of the year and it was a hot one!  Oods came in 5th but his snazzy Christmas snail accessories were awesome!  Races start up again in the new year every Saturday at 11am.

The Avi Choice Awards have been postponed in light of Fridays’ tragic event in CT. The new date for the show is Sunday, Dec 16th at 10 am SLT.

End of Time Concert set for  16/12/12 is as follows:
02 pm  Laidback Celt
03 pm  Phemie Alcott
04 pm  Clairede Dirval
05 pm   Arimo Teixeira
06 pm   Frets Nirvana

My Womenstuff Hunt outfit is put together by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ Miss C ~ Rosalie~AshBlonde

(ALL HAİR %50 OFF NOW! Until new  year)

Outfit ~ BOHEMIAN GYPSY –  Holiday Finery  ( includes shoes) Womenstuff Hunt #35

Shoulder Grinch ~ KaTink ~ Group Xmas Gift

Gift box prop and sitting animation ~H<>W – Christmas  Womenstuff Hunt #33

Standing Poses ~Poses ~ PosESioN ~ Marselle  ( 5 poses total) Womenstuff Hunt #40

Background – KaTink –  Tree~9

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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