Spirit of Snow

snowman1                                                                                                Click Picture

December 22 and man we have snow in Ontario, Canada and just in time for Xmas! So my friend’s Owl, CB, Mason and I went in search of some good snow in SL to play in. We  found a place called Me & Yours Winter Wonderland.“Happy Holidays and time for snow! Ice Skating, Skiing, Snowball Fights, Free Presents, Sleigh Ride & More! Come & Have Fun! Ho Ho Ho!!!!”  Nice place for a photo shoot and lots of things to do. Also some cool free  gifts under a Christmas tree. Go check it out 🙂

Afterwards I checked out some of the great entertainment at the End of Time Arts Center and had the pleasure of hearing Pmann Sands Pmann’s heartfelt music is inspired by his life experiences and colorful acquaintances. Prepared to be smoked, The Dark Brothers Band will touch you.”  I was touched…  excellent set. Hear Pmann  23/12/12 at Wharf Beach 7pm slt.

Later in the evening I hosted for Laidback Celt my favourite rocker at Kickin.  Calendar day.. he actually sang a Christmas Song along with a great mixture of rock, southern rock and a couple country tunes thrown in for the country crowd.

Afterwards, I attended a Christmas party with live entertainment. Mason Thorne, Stella Silvansky and Maximillion Kleene  filled our ears with awesomeness and kept everyone in party mode. Now that’s’ what I call entertainment!

End of Time Arts Center is holding 3 DAYS Benefit in Memory of the Tragedy Victims in Newtown, Connecticut   ♥ 30 Artists in 3 Days ♥

♥Sunday, December 23, 2012    ♥ DAY ONE
11:00am  Joaquin Gustav
12:00pm  Agustin Braham
1:00 pm – Rikki Roecastle
2:00 pm – Satyriasis Sheryffe
3:00 pm – ChelseaMarie Noel
4:00 pm – Shamrod Watanabe
5:00 pm –  Jasher Faith
6:00 pm –  Ringo Robonaught
7:00 pm –  Twostep Spiritweaver
8:00 pm –  The Balladeer

Our outfits are by the following designers:


Outfit ~ (SP) Winter Day -caramel ( includes all clothing and boots)

Antlers ~ TBF Antlers – Christmas Snow (Small)

Mouth Candy Cane ~AR ~ Chompable xmas


Dress ~ MIS Leather n Lace -dress

Leggings ~ Sn@tch Slick Leather Leggings

Mouth Candy Cane ~AR ~ Chompable xmas


Complete outfit Paris METRO Couture: Homme Tweed


A man of mystery would rather keep his fashion to himself AKA so old none is available anymore

Poses and Propv~.click. Snowman 1

Location ~ Me & Yours Winter Wonderland



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