So long to another Christmas

grundge wall                                                                                                       Click Picture

The 25th has been and gone with each of us celebrating in our own way and cleanup has begun.  Next is New Years Celebration’s and forward into 1213! The number 13  has unlucky connotations, wonder if that means this will be an unlucky year? Were the Mayan’s off a year?  Let’s not think about that just yet  😛  Here in Canada, the UK and Australia it was Boxing Day and the Malls and shops were having big sales and the  crowds are usually insane. I choose to forgo the shopping for some good music in SL.

First stop was of course Gutheries  for my wake up coffee and DennyMac (aramanca). “DennyMac has been playing for so long that his callouses have callouses! After years in rock bands he has returned to his first love, acoustic finger-style guitar. His amazing skill and deep soulful voice will leave you wanting more.”  Extremely pleasant hour of music to softly wake me up even if it was noon where Iive!  Hey it’s a holiday that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Denny has an awesome voice, check him out at Acousitc Cave 29/12/12  7:00 pm slt.

Following Denny was Dragon in Stilettos ” a musical duo. They enjoy music of all genres, but are most familiar with alternative rock and contemporary music in the style of Radiohead, The Cranberries, CCR, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and more!” Still quite new to SL music scene but rapidly gaining a following. Take a tp to hear this wonderful duo in action at The Source 30/12/12 at 10pm slt.

Last stop was at Noelani‘s for the fantastic Oldwolf Criss. “Combining his ‘heavy French Blues’ with good old rock-and-roll, and mixed together with an accent that has the women swooning.”  That man CAN play!!!I can’t find a listed show for him but, search him out he’s definitely worth it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012  ♥ DAY TWO♥  ChelseaMarie Noel & Gandalf Mornington wish to invite You to a Benefit in Memory of the Tragedy Victims in Newtown, Connecticut at The End of Time Arts Center.
12:00pm  Bluemonk Rau
1:00 pm – Fran6 Parkin
2:00 pm – Seamore
3:00 pm – Rhiannon Yuhara
4:00 pm – avanti Delwood
5:00 pm – Francois Beaumont
6:00 pm – Doofus & Pan
7:00 pm – MichaelJames Magic
8:00 pm – Chapman Zane

Stop by if you can and show your support and enjoy some fantastic entertainment!

Picture and outfit about were done with items from the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~!TM – Reckless Sunkissed

Outfit ~ SLX Outfit:Baggy – (complete outfit including necklace and bracelet and  sneakers ~mesh was easy to  fit)

Earrings ~::R:: Molded Black leather n Cable hoops by Lotus Li ~   variable in the near  future

Poses and Prop ~Image Essentials ~ Grunge Wall  ~ 12  different poses (1 of 55 different prop scenes in female section)

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free )


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