Snowy musical Thursday

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HOLY SNOW Batman in my part of the world (real world)! Definitely a SL day as I could not get out of the house even if I wanted to. So, with the fireplace roaring and it’s wonderful smell of burning wood permeating the house, a pot of tea and my laptop I settled in for a day of music.

Guthries was grooving to Picker Apogee “Picker, instrumental guitarist extraordinaire. Rarely playing with a pick, he prefers the use of thumb and bare fingers to express himself musically, seamlessly blending folk, pop, rock and ragtime, he breathes new life into familiar songs through stunning musicianship and clever arrangements!  when I landed. What that man can do with his  fingers  WOW..  you know you want to hear him  and you can at  Guthries 3/1/13 at 8am slt. Then the storm knocked my power out!

Electricty restored later in the afternoon and I made my way to the Newtown Benefit at The End of Time Arts Center.  Doofus and Pan “playin acoustic classic rock, country, pop & Dead covers and my own originals for enthusiastic audiences all over SL, with my wife, Pan, on vocals ..” were donating an hour of their awesomeness for the benefit.  You really should take in one of their shows if you have a chance. Next one is at Kickin  29/12/12 at 7pm slt

MichaelJames Magic  “Michael Has Been Singing For Over 20 Years Lives In Missouri And Covers A Huge Variety Of Music.  His Influences Include Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, James Taylor And Neil Diamond.”  Powerful and rich voice, a very pleasant hour of music I want to hear  again.  MichaelJames will be at Purelife Lodge 29/12/12  5:00 pm slt.

Was a busy music night for me as  a friend TP’d me to  hear one of her favourites. Sir Jerry Sir Jerry – A true Sir and a Gentleman.   Businessman, romantic, singer, and someone who appreciates the finer things in life. His music includes country, old rock, blues, jazz, and romantic tunes.”  at CLUB P4.  Definitly a showman as he had the crowd of woman swooning at his feet with his charming, flirtatious style and smooth voice. Hear Sir Jerry for yourself at The Dukes of Hazzard Country Club 29/12/12 at  4pm slt.

Last stop of the evening was Peter Pan himself  Mason Thorne at Pranksters.  Seems we are lucky he was even  here to amuse us all with his stories and Masonized covers.  A big wave in Maui tried to take the Son of Poseidon back into the depth of its clutches.  Come see Mason’s show at The End of Time Arts Center, Newtown Benefit Show  30/12/12 3pm slt.

End of Time Arts Center  last Xmas  Concert line up  28/12/12 :

11am Theresa Nayar
12 pm Stinna Celt
01 pm Laidback Celt
02 pm Mimi Singer Hadisson
03 pm Jewels Kidd
04 pm Josie Anderton

My snow day outfit  if by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~DeLa ~Mesh Hair “Kesha” Blonde 4

Pants ~ DRIFT ~Apartment Pants [Mesh] Latte Linen

Sweater ~ tulip. Baggy Sweatshirt ( Clay)  at available at The Arcade Gatcha Event  for  50 L a try. Many different colours, transferable so you can trade them. Check here to see all the Gatcha’s available.


Poses ~ what next ~ Ciel Scatter Pillows

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway




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