Happy Fifth Anniversary Pocket Point

trophy wife                                                                                                       Click Picture

A very busy First Life day for me and I did not have my usual wake up coffee at Guthries but I did make it in for the beginning of The Pocket Point’s 5th Anniversary celebration.  Quite an accomplishment in SL these days as venues open and close everyday. They have had live music every Friday night since 2007. Congratulations 🙂

Evenings entertainment started at 8pm slt with Mason Thorne who I blogged last night. As always Mason never fails to charm his audience with  tales and tunes 🙂 If you want to hear  Mason for yourself  he’ll be  at End of Time Arts Center 30/12/12  at 3pm slt

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the rest of the Celebration night as it was getting very late but an awesome line up is happening! Still time for anyone reading to catch a lot of it.

9pm  Jack Kinagree and Ira Norman Segall
10pm OHMY KIDD and Saraine Sands
11 pm Bluemonk Rau
12 pm Midnight McCarty
1 am Tpenta Vanalten

End of Time Arts Center , Newtown Benefit

♥Saturday, December 29, 2012  ♥ DAY THREE
12:00pm   Agustin Braham
1:00 pm –  Silver Melson
2:00 pm –  Norm Goldshark
3:00 pm –  Grif Bamaisin
4:00 pm –  Madmax Huet
5:00 pm – Shannon Oherlihy
6:00 pm – Gandalf Mornington
7:00 pm – Frogg & Jaycatt
8:00 pm – Sunshine Palmyra

As you can see  LOTS of  fantastic music going on Saturday in SL. Enjoy!

Great little dress in the picture above for venue hoping and dancing put together by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~D!va  ~ Aya (MESH part)(Cat’s eye)

Dress ~ Meli Imako Mesh_Back Drape Lingerie Tank Dress

Shoes ~ Similar Italian Footwear ~Venezia  (reds hud)

Necklace and Bracelet ~ lassitude & ennui Opulence pearls

Pose and Prop ~ Virtual Props Trophy Wife Photography Pose Prop

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo studio



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