Goodbye Sunday in 2012

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It’s the last Sunday in 2012, I know it’s a cliché but this year really did seem to speed by. I’m sure a lot of you can say the same thing. As for SL, I came back after being away for a long while and was so pleased to renew old friendships and make some wonderful new ones.

Many new things for me upon my return. Mesh for one and it really took me awhile to wear it, but now that I’ve figured it out and learned to make my own alpha layers I like it in most cases.  It can only improve as designers work on it.  Another new leap this year was learning Firestorm which I absolutely detested until a few months ago. The update that included the vintage skin was a god send for us  hardened Phoenix users. The newest update with photo tools has made me a complete FS convert. During my previous residency in SL I was more of a builder but this time went a completely different route and embraced the music scene. It’s been a blast and one I hope to continue for a long time. The music scene here is amazing and full of generous and talented people. I am looking forward to all the new things to come in both my worlds.

Cheers to all and a wonderful New Year 2013 ahead for us all.

I tp’d around today taking in this show and that one starting with  Stinna Celt (xstinnax) ” Stinna has a uniquely beautiful voice… she sings with the voice of an angel and, at times, you can hear the animal purring through… Even better, she always sings from her heart.” at Kickin. Beautiful and angelic as always, Stinna kept her audience in the palm of her virtual hand.  See Stinna for yourself at Songbirds 2/1/1213 1pm slt.
Next stop was Surfside Hideaway where Lefty Unplugged ” is a UK-based acoustic guitar player, singer and songwriter. He brings his musical interests to the stage with a flair like no other. His song writing covers a number of genres and he has more than 80 original songs in his very lengthy song list.”   was playing. Awesome show, Lefty is very unique and should be experienced turned up loud! No shows scheduled at this time.

The End of Time  was next on my list where I heard  JC Farstrider ” Jazz is truly an all season sport. Free and full of risk. I believe music in life is the best cure for everything. They say that IF MUSIC BE THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, PLAY ON” Beautiful sounds made for close dancing from  JC.  He’s a good choice to take a date to  fellas 🙂  Make a date and take them to see JC at Secrets 1/1/1213 at 3pm slt.

You guessed it MasonThorne followed JC and I have to say this was a different Mason as today he was more serious and well behaved not even one F-bomb dropped.  He even treated us to some girl songs which he did very well,  I was proud of my friend. Great show Mason!  To see the regular Mason with his fun filled hour of jokes, stories and fabulous covers drop by Surfside Hideaway New Years Day at 3pm slt.

Last stop, Russell Eponym ” The Music Whisperer*Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Poet*” at WestWind Cafe. What can I say about this folksinger I haven’t already said before. He is just plain awesome!!  I could listen to him for hours. Ask about him about his “best friend” song , he’ll have you in stitches.  Hear for yourself at Casablanca 31/12/1212  2pm slt.

New Years concerts @ End Of Time 31 December 2012
3 pm Steveeolio
4 pm Madmax Huet
5 pm Solechant
6 pm Rosedrop Rust

My outfit today is  brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ Dela ~ Mesh ~ Bridgit ( DEMO in Pic)

Corset ~ NV~ Vintage Tattoo Mesh Corset – Tan Leather

Skirt ~-SU!- Basic Miniskirt Brown

Shoes ~ N-core CAPRICE “Champagne”

Poses and Prop ~ Virtual Props Candied

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo studio



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