Lolas like’s to tango!


                                                                                                     Click Picture

Well….. I broke down and am now a Lola girl.. well…. maybe, erm sometimes. LOL They definitely are an interesting addition for the female avatar appearance.  These inflatable breasts have nice defined nipples with 3 choices and the breasts have a lovely curve to it’s shape. These are not for anyone who prefers small breasts as to have them look correctly in clothes they have to be a larger size. I have them about as small as they can be and still look good. Like all prim parts they need to match the skin and that can be a chore unless your skin designer has  made skin appliers as mine did. However, if you can’t get a skin applier for your skin  there  are a lot of tools that come with the Lola’s to help you achieve the correct colour. I wore them today around the grid to various venues  and I have to say….. I did receive quite a few compliments from both men and woman.
Saturday found me in a few venues, starting with Guthrie’s  where I had the pleasure of hearing one of my favourite’s Jon Bazar “Always loving the Acoustic Sound, Jon started performing live at the age of 15, he loved to take rock songs and do them acoustically and is very passionate about music!” Jon never disappoints with his great covers and friendly banter with the crowd.  Check out  Jon at Helle’s Angels 9/1/13 at 11am slt.

Later in the day I was at that  crazy Mason Thorne’s show again at a brand new venue, Diamond Cub in Amsterdam.  Wackiness along with Masonized folk and contemporary covers always sets the crowd up for a fun time at any Mason gig.  Mason is at Surfside Hideaway 8/1/13 at 3pm. Be prepared to be part of the ongoing dialogue peppered throughout the show as he WILL find and talk about you!

Snail races started again today and my friend Oods was racing. He didnt win but it’s always fun watching those huge snails running the course. Takes some skill to manover them.  If your looking for something  unique and interesting to do in SL why not  become a snail racer? Races are held every Saturday at 11:30 am slt at Devon Dreams.

End of Times Arts Center

5 DAYS Benefit in Memory of the Tragedy Victims in Newtown, Connecticut ♥ 50 Artists in 5 Days

♥Sunday, January 6, 2013 ♥ DAY FOUR
10:00am  Spirited Amore
11:00am  Steveeolio
12:00pm  Jamba Losangeles
1:00 pm – The Balladeer
2:00 pm – Rikki Roecastle
3:00 pm – Roxanne Ysabel
4:00 pm – Bronze8020
5:00 pm –  Eeco
6:00 pm –  Quinton Whitman
7:00 pm –  Noma Falta

8:00 pm –  Jasher Faith

Something for everyone at End of Times Arts Center

My picture was put together by the  following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ~eternal Eyes – Mesa ( January Group Gift)

Hair ~ DeLa~ Mesh  “Evita” Blonde 4

Breasts ~ Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Bikini ~ L.Style-Ombre Sheer Leo Bikini

Pose and Prop ~ !bang – surfboard

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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