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Life in SL seems to whiz by fast and before you know it you’ve been here for years.  The musical duo of Doofus and Pan “Doofus and Pan, this dynamic and fun-loving duo will make you smile with their playful stage manner, and make you tingle with delight at their jaw-dropping harmonies.” celebrated their 3rd year in SL today.  Through many up’s and downs in both their lives SL has remained a constant for this fabulous pair who have delighted audiences with their unique blend of comedy and music. I saw them today at Surfside  Hideaway who itself is celebrating an Anniversary.  Join Doofus and Pan at Lacey’s Place 10/1/13 at  midnight slt.

It’s been four years since Surfside Hideaway opened. ” Founded in January 2009, owned and operated now by Desirae Beaumont and Donna Kornberg, Surfside has become known for promoting excellence in live performing artists, having hosted such well known performers such as  Nance Brody, Clairede Dirval, Saintess Larnia, Tauri Tigerpaw, Guitar Zane, Russell Eponym, Arminius Writer, Bara Johnson, and Franck Molko.” Check out January’s upcoming artists here. A fun place to not only hear some great music but also to just hang out and chill. “An unique venue, providing a scenic venue for live performances, private parties, beach and surfing aficionados, and lovely gardens and romantic private settings to dance and romance in with someone special.” Drop by Surfside and see for yourself. Say hi to Desi and Donna for me when you do.

Made it to The End of Time to hear Steveeolio “professional Live Jazz musician”,  velvety smooth, deliciousness.  Catch him back at The End of Time tomorrow 7/1/13 at 4pm slt.

I also caught part of Noma Falta’s Noma delivers a smooth, smokey upbeat show with each of her performances” set, awesome as always. Noma always brings her A game to her shows , see her at Ecned 11/11/13 2:00 pm slt.

Last stop was at The Source where there is always someone fantastic playing.  Reggie Sunset “I am a SL live performer, just me an my guitar I appreciate your company as I share some songs with you!”  My heart smiles when I listen to Reggie’s silky voice pouring out his soul onstage. Mark your calendar for next Sunday 13/1/13  as Reggie plays at The Source every Sunday night at 8pm slt.

5 DAYS Benefit in Memory of the Tragedy Victims in Newtown, Connecticut ♥

50 Artists in 5 Days

♥Monday, January 7, 2013  ♥ DAY FIVE
11:00am  bong Crescendo
12:00pm  Mash Rhode
1:00 pm – Fred Mergatroid
2:00 pm – glenn Bunjie
3:00 pm – Viviana Houston
4:00 pm – Steveeolio
5:00 pm – Shaun Macpherson
6:00 pm – Yamis Jewell
7:00 pm – Edward Lowell
8:00 pm – Sunshine Palmyra

Outfit above is put together by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~Amacci Hair Thor ~ Swedish Blond ( January Group gift)

Breasts ~ Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Top ~ DCNY_Shrug Top_Joyful  ( has tango applier)

Jeans ~ Candy Doll  Cosita Jeans Shade 12

Boots ~ MayCreations biker boots used

Jewlery ~Aluinn ~Layla  Silver-Set Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet

Poses and Prop ~ Olive Juice- Posey Pose Stepladder – No longer in SL but can be used  for free at Imagine Essentials.

Location~ Image Essentials ~ Female Prop Studio



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