Oh what a day!

red dress                                                                                                                       Click Picture

Wow…… today was defintely a interesting day in SL.   It seemed everywhere I went I was told to leave, as sim restarts where going on. Inventory failed to load, and I was a cloud several times plus many free trips on the Linden Crash Airways. I even appeared at one venue wearing only a blouse and panties, though to myself I was an orange cloud.  Something defintlely was a bit off today but by mid evening things seemed to be back to normal.

When I was finally able to log in and stay inworld I made my way to Vincents to  hear Icky Flux. “Mainly original quite rocky songs with maybe a few cover songs . Icky prefers to interpret songs into his own soulful style, using a ever expanding playlist that includes songs written by the likes of Jack White, Bob Dylan and blues rock tunes from the 60s!” very unique sound, upbeat and fun. Good show Icky! See him yourself at B&B’s 9/1/13 at 6am slt.

While at Vincents I was reading profiles and came across something rather interesting in the owner Allen’s profile.

Bus stopCentral station “BUS STOP ©” is a project to explore all the scenic places of Second Life. The concept is very simple. Touch the “BUS STOP” sign at the top and you get a random place where the next “BUS STOP” is.”   If you want a Bus stop for yourself you can get one from the pole but you need to own land to place it on. You can find out more from their blog.  A good way to  find new places to explore and for shop or venue owners to generate  traffic.

Another bit of newness to SL is Dream Gardens By Donna“Created for you by a real life gardener of many years.  Bringing your garden dreams to reality in Second  life for  you,  with skill & passion of this highly talented girl. No Job too big or small.  From a whole Sim to a few plants, Donna can make your  Dream Garden.” Send Donna Kornberg a notecard and see what she can do for you.

End Of Time Concerts ~ 9th January 2013
2 pm Oldwolf Criss
3 pm Oldwolf Criss
4 pm Rosedrop Rust
5 pm Bluemonk Rau
6 pm Madmax Huet
7 pm The Balladeer
8 pm Grif Bamaisin

Finally managed to pull myself together after all the craziness in SL today. Oufit put together by the  following designers :


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~fri. – Cameron.2 – Delighted Blond ( many sales going on at the moment at Fri.days)

Dress ~ Meli Imako ~ Mesh_Sexy Cowl Mini Dress  ( full perm kit to make you own dresses)

Shoes ~ N-core ESSENCE “Bordeaux”

bracelet~ Indyra ~  Peacock bangle stacked-Gold/flambe

Poses ~ DeePosed

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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