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I love my skin and worked on making my shape for months to get exactly what I wanted, but there are times I need to move outside my comfort zone and try something new. So….. today I did just that and I think although this look is my exact opposite she’s quite cute. Quig by Sparklye Skins/Micro Mesh Skins comes in 6  different skin tone (Caramel, Cocoa,Honey, Mud, Pearl,Sunkissed) each with 4 skins ( regular, blush, cleavage, blush cleavage). Doesn’t she look great in this purple outfit from Faddism?

I wasn’t in SL to much today, sometimes my Second Life needs me.  HAH  I did however manage to  catch a few  gigs.

Surfside Hideaway is still celebrating its 4th Anniversary in SL and Seamore WildeHardt “Seamore is an eclectic performer with a voice that is subtle,whimsical and carries you to the past with ease. Playing his own interpretation of mostly 60’s,70’s 80’s popular music with a few originals.” was deep in his set when I tp’d in.  Always a lively gig full of awesome covers of well loved songs. Seamore will be at VMS 11/1/13 at 1pm slt.

I do tend to see some performers a lot more than others as they are in my eyes, awesome and have become good friends.  One is Jon Bazar who was at Rhi’s Poem ” with over 300 songs worth of material from great acts such as Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, REM, U2 and many more, he is a great musician and has a great tone to his voice!”  Take in an hour of Jon Bazar at Guthries 11/1/13 at 7am slt. You know I’ll be there!

Jimmyt49 Dukes ” Jimmy is a real life artist with a style rooted in blues and rock. In his music you may recognize influences from various great artists, but you won’t miss his own characterful signature. His music will capture your mind and your heart throughout his performance.” was at The Rafters.. Man can he sing and play! WHOO Jimmyt.. Love his Bonasoma covers! Hear Jimmy at The Black Dahlia 11/1/13  4pm slt

11th January 2013  Concerts @  End Of Time
11am Jon Gourdou
12pm Laralette Lane
1 pm OneSummer Oh
2 pm JoAnn Diavolo
6 pm Mason Thorne
7 pm BartAlan Barbasz
8 pm MichaelJames Magic

My new look with the cute outfit is brought to you by the following Designers:

Skin ~ Sparklye ~ Quig Caramel

Shape ~ Happy.Face ~ Nychi Shape(S) 10 Hands(Gift)

Hair ~ Rumina ~ Dolo – French Coffee

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Turquoise

Outfit ~ Faddism  ~Josey Short (Purple)  ( includes all appliers) available at fi*Friday

Shoes ~ deeR ~ MESH high heels platform  ( multiple colour hud)

Poses ~ aDORKable ~Honey Pack

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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