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Last night (Friday night ) I was in SL very late but it was Guerilla Burlesque night and a special show with it’s top ten acts in one night.  Amazing scenery, costumes, music and dancing. If you’ve never seen this show you really should. Every Friday night at midnight slt.  Plan to go early as the sim fills fast as it did last night and by 11:45  it was full to capacity.

Today I found a very cool place in SL.  I went to see Whirli Placebo at Gallery Graine’s Sculpture Garden and found something very different and cool! Gallery Graine’s Sculpture Garden is proud to announce the grand opening of Winter Outlined by Fuschia Nightfire, a sculptural ‘sketch’ of a winter scene, with an interesting use of invisible prims. This is an interactive installation, with a free outline avatar that you can wear to skate on the frozen water alongside the sculptured figures” There are free outline avatars or you can buy one of the more elaborate ones on the second floor of the building the stage is on. This really is an unique experience and one I recommend to put on your list of things to do.

Whirli Placebo ” a gifted musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist playing music for over 10 years. Entertaining, witty, and passionate, he interprets songs like no other. No two shows are ever the same, and often centered on musical themes “  was playing for the opening.  He seemed to be having some technical problems today but I really enjoyed what I did hear of his smooth delicious voice and great guitar skills. Hope to see his show again, perhaps at Encad  18/1/13 at 1pm slt.

Also dropped by Surfside for it’s ongoing 4th Anniversary Celebration and spent a great hour of fellow Canadian Maximillion Kleene “I stream into SL from Niagara Falls, Canada and sing Rock/Pop/Alternative solo acoustic tunes covering  old classics (CCR to Johnny Cash) to fun, newer hip stuff   (Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Green Day and  Jason Mraz).”   Max is an very talented singer and excellent performer. His shows are always full of friendly banter and good music. See Max for yourself at Solarwinds 13/1/13 at 12 noon slt.

13th January 2013  @ End Of Time
12pm Andydennis Enchanted
1 pm  Mar Biddle
2 pm  Rosette Nitely
3 pm  Quartz
4 pm  Rick Ugh Yeu
5 pm  Maurice Mistwallow

Todays picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Turquoise

Hair ~DeLa Mesh Hair  Evita” Blonde 4

Swimsuit ~ Chaos – sexy hottie red

Poses and Props ~ IE Surfin Aussie Style ( includes 6 female and 6 male surf poses)

Location ~  Braata Beach



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