Warm sunny days……………..

tree lean

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It’s been so nice and “warm” 10c here in my first life it put me in a warm weather mood for SL.  I slipped into a pair of capris, a cute little top, pulled my hair up high and off I went to enjoy the virtual sun.

Guthries was my first stop as is most days and today it was to listen to Lefty Unplugged. ” Lefty is a UK based acoustic singer/songwriter over 30yrs experience. His writing covers many genres, and he has a catalogue of over 80 original songs, and though Lefty prefers to play originals, he also covers many songs from the 50’s to the present day.”  I really enjoy Lefty’s shows, not only is he an excellent musician he has a very witty sense of  humour. You can hear Lefty for yourself  at Palazzo Celestiale 17/1/13 at 9am slt.

Later I was invited to  Commune Utopia and to my pleasant surprise Laralette Lane was playing. I could listen to her everyday!   Lara is a pure delight with a wonderful voice.  See for yourself at The Calleta Venue in the Basement at 11am 15/1/13 slt.

Speaking of the Commune Utopia, a friendly place to chill out with  nice people and lots of activities to get involved in. All welcome to join hippie hippy happy fun family.

This evening I saw Maximillion Kleene again at Sweet Whispers.” Max is a really fantastic musician / singer. Doing all your favortie tunes. He’s all acoustic, and sings like a dream” and he was as awesome as he was two days ago.  Max is at Hotel Chelsea 15/1/13 at 5pm slt.

Ended my night at The  New Roof for a trio of awesomeness. Avantgarde Frenquency, “An accomplished singer, composer, producer and recordist his diverse taste in music translates into a constantly evolving musical presentation in SL”  Noma Falta ” Noma defies explanation. She just IS… an awesome musician who plays blues, adult contemporary, and presents it in a way different from anyone else on SL! ” and Vincent Carpathea ” Musician, composer, & singer now performing in SL. Come see! http://www.thevinnieshow.com “.

These three fantastic  performers can be see at the following venues:

Avantgarde Frequency  The Rafters 15/1/13 at 7pm slt

Noma Falta Boom Pony Music Club 17/1/13 7pm slt

Vincent Carpathea Bahamas Swingers Club 15/1/13 at 2pm slt

15 th January 2013  Live  @  End Of Time
3 pm  Veronica Weksler
4 pm  Jasher Faith
5 pm  Norm Goldshark
6 pm  Izdovrcr Finesmith

My warm day pic is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Turquoise

Hair ~ Dura-Boys&Girls ~03(Light Blonde )

Top ~ Faddism ~ Sunny 6A & 6B  (with tango appliers)

Capri’s ~ cHix Classic 501’s Capris Ultra Lowrise

Bracelet ~ Blueberry X-T *Mesh* Bangle Short  ( old group gift)

Poses and Prop ~Virtual Props Need A Tree Photography Prop

Image Essentials Prop Book area is a combination of items purchased from various merchants as well as items created by Kay Weston)

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free ) New scenes, props and poses added often.



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