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Hello SL citizens and Happy Hump Day to you all.  I’m still busy getting my new digs sorted but I was still out and about in SL .  My rocker friend Laidback Celt is back performing now that his jet lag has abated from his flight to Denmark to see his SL/RL love Stinna.  They are two very happy people at the moment 🙂

Laidback was at Songbirds this afternoon and rocked the roof off the barn althought he had an unfamilar Danish keyboard and set up to contend with. Really like his version of Rebel Yell! Come hear Laidback for yourself at Surfside Hideaway 17/1/13 at 1pm slt.

For all you Lola Tango Lovers there is a New Discount Event called The Boobies Planet. It’s a new discount room where everything is for Lolas Tango mesh or any Breasts Implant. The first round will be on Jan 15 until Jan 30.  My picture above has one of the outfits for sale.

This coming weekend is WL-VI – Six Spans in the Sand
The Wastelands 6th Birthday – January 18th / 19th / 20th 2013

Go to Camp Quixote and find the crowd.

Friday Jan. 18th Venue: The Junk Stage, The Junkyard

2PM SLT – Wiseblood Wisent (DJ set) 4PM SLT – Aposiopesis Fullstop (Radio Three Wastelands) 6PM SLT – Gypsy Quixote (live music)

Saturday Jan. 19th Venue: The Potato Farm, The Wastelands

Noon SLT – Giuseppe Spicoli (Gameshow @  2PM   SLT – Sandling Honey (DJ set) 3PM   SLT – Fight Night vs. The Invisible Band (live music) 4PM   SLT – Fight Night vs. Redzone (live music) 5PM   SLT – Gomi Mfume (DJ set) 6PM   SLT – Rance Alva (DJ set)

Sunday Jan. 20th Venue: The Atropine, The Great Fissure

1PM SLT – Echo Starship (live music) vs. Cabeza Muerta (@ 2PM SLT – Redzone (live music) 3PM SLT – Diamanda Gustafson (live music) 4PM SLT – Aki Shichiroji (DJ set) 5PM SLT – The Junkies (The Wastelands Awards) 6PM SLT – Bartleby Ricantaur (travelling storyteller)

Bring a sleeping bag and spend the weekend!

Dont forget the daily concerts at End of Time.

17 th January 2013  Live  @   End Of Time
12pm Josie Anderton
1 pm  Fran6 Parkin
2 pm  Oldwolf Criss
3 pm  Oldwolf Criss
4 pm  Lyn Carlberg
5 pm  Agustin Braham

My picture was put togehter by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Turquoise

Hair ~Clawtooth: Femme fatale (bun) ~ Bombshell Blonde

Swim suit sexZ !~BathingBeauty_BlackPolka  at The Boobies Planet

Poses and  Prop ~ Skye Studio ~ Beach Combers’ Bar

Location ~  The New Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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