Just close your eyes and feel….

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Do you ever  stand still for a moment or let yourself fall back with your eyes closed? Try it sometime, the feeling is amazing. Today I listened to  music off and on with my eyes closed  in SL.  Gave me an ever greater appreciation of the talent surrounding me.

First off was a back to back extravaganza of Jon Bazar ” great acts such as Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, REM, U2 and many more, he is a great musician and has a great tone to his voice!” at End of time and Surfside hideaway. Great energy and audience interaction plus just plain good music all done in the Bazar style. Check him out yourself at Helle’s 23/1/13 11am slt.

Next stop was to a very cute  little venue called Westwind Cafe a very homey place in a living room to see Marky (marky.helstein). “Marky’s live acoustic sets are a spirited blend of Classic Rock & Pop, Ballads, Country, Blues and original material.” Awesome as always, great  vocals fantastic piano.  Contempory covers  mixed with some  brilliant originals. See Marky yourself at The Drunken Drowl 22/1/13 at 5pm slt.

When Marky was done there was a special dual stream of Marky and Shannon Oherlihy ” Inspired by the music of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Bob Dylan, Shannon found her musical roots in contemporary folk.”  What a treat, two great entertainers together. They rocked!  You can see Shannon at The Chill Area 22/1/13 6pm slt.

Evening found me back in SL with more great music. Blindboink Parkham “If you like Early Blues, Real Blues, Robert Johnson, Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller, Taj Mahall and many others, then come listen to the blues the way that they were played 80 years ago….” was at Dust Radio. WOW what a sound!  Go to End of Time tomorrow at 22/1/13 at 5pm slt to hear  BB yourself.

I just kept finding great music all night but will leave some to blog the next time I see them.

My last stop was at The Source’s Second Aniversary Party. I missed Vincent Carpathea another great performer but was in time for Noma Falta“Bluesy and full of soul, whether full blown with her own tracks or raw with guitar (or bass) and voice. A Professional musician finding a new platform to deliver music.”  who was in top form and belting out her songs in her powerful voiced  perfection.  The Source had two more performers tonight who unfortunately I could not stay to hear. Lexie Smith and Jack Kinagree both excellent performers.

Tomorrow nights Source Anniversary show line up:

8 pm : Tom 2.0      9pm : Max Keene     10pm: Lyrica Acoustic

22  January 2013  End of Time presents:
12pm  Freddy Mergatroid
1  pm   Ronnie Mayes
2  pm   Bo Swansong
3  pm   Veronica Weksler
4  pm   Jasher Faith
5  pm   Blindboink Parham
6  pm   Iz Finesmith


My leisurely close your eyes and fall back pic is brought to you by the following designers


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~closed

Hair ~ *SH* Kirio1 Hair(golden)

Outfit ~ Infamous 2013 complete outfit including sneakers  available at  the- Forgotten Closet

Prop and poses~Prop and Poses Olive Juice- Ball Pit – No Longer in SL

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free ) New scenes, props and poses added often



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