Ramblings from a frozen brain……..

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Just a quick blog today with more loveliness from Kyoot’s closing sale at the end of January.  The ebb and flow of SL is one thing we can always count on. Venues open and close quickly, favourite sims disappear to be replaced with new ones that have the promise of being better.. Friends and loves come and go, emotions soar and dip yet we keep logging in. The sense of community can be strong here if you don’t treat it as “just another game”.  I don’t view it as that and yes I still have a good grasp on my First Life, keeping all thing in perspective. My friendships here are as strong as in my other life but having said that, First Life trumps everything else. Ok, I’m rambling, but it’s -25 C in my part of FL so I am in SL to thaw out my frozen brain!

This evening while at one of my favourite “stalkable” musicians ( Mason Thorne) I had the opportunity to hear Potlatch Foggarty “he lends his vocals to an original, Jazz, Big Band, Hard or Soft Rock cover song, a heartfelt and harmonic effort is the result.”  Amazing vocals, smooth and powerful, a sweet listen. Check him out for yourself at Smokin Ace’s 25/1/13 6pm slt.

My last stop today was at my friend Toysoldier Thor 5th rez day party. Toy is not only a exceptional artist but has a passion for karaoke and entertained his guests himself at the party.  Happy 5th Toy. Check out his art gallery Toy’s Landscapes Store & Art Gallery and you can find him singing at ~O~ Lounge and other open mic gigs across the grid.

24  January 2013  End of Time presents:
12pm   Paradorn Ansar
1  pm    Fran6 Parkin
2  pm    Ed Barber
3  pm    Frogg Marlowe
4  pm    Colt Shostakovich
5  pm    Agustin Braham


My picture items  are by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~CaTwA Candy V2 Roots/Butter (January Group gift)

Sweater ~ Kyoot – Soft Heart Cropped Top (Sky)

Skirt ~ Kyoot – Corduroy Mini – Sea (skirt prim)

Necklace ~ Maxi Gossamer ~ Erzulie’s Love Charm ~ Short – GOLD

Rings ~ Kyoot – Nine Crimes Ring v.2  (Mixed Metals)

Boots ~ Maitreya ~Radical Boots ~ Suede Chamoisee

Props ~ Musical notes on strings – Image Essentials

Poses ~ Manifeste , Everglow, MrSignmund Fride

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free ) New scenes, props and poses added often.



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