Happy Australia Day Mate………………………..

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A special day for all my Aussie friends. I hope you all had a good one. There were lots of Aussie celebrations around the grid today. Those Aussie know how to party!
I spent a few hours at End of Time this afternoon and tp’d in during  Doofus and Pan’s gig. ” Doofus and Pan, this dynamic and fun-loving duo will make you smile with their playful stage manner, and make you tingle with delight at their jaw-dropping harmonies.”  It’s always a wild time at one of their shows, as they joke around and pick each other. This pair has a very unique way of making all the covers they sing their own and sometimes better than the originals. If you need a pick me up.. find Doofus and Pan at Surfside Hideaway 27/1/13 at 1pm slt.

Beamer Lowtide  “singer/songwriter/musician” took the stage next. Awesome show, amazing voice and guitar along with added backing tracks done with fellow musicans.  Beamer is back at End of Time  01/02/13 at 5pm slt.

This evening I made it to a few shows. Noma Falta ” the queen bee of the blues, this lady can rock the bass and plays classics giving them a very Noma taste”, at Portland were she literately brought the roof down..Sim crashed! Noma always delivers and is a sure bet for an hour of awesome. She’ll be back at Portland 30/01/13 at 1pm slt.

There was just to much good music tonight for me to stop so off I went to The Pier to hear James Olmos (AcousticEnergyNitely) “AcousticEnergy breathes life into original ballads and pop songs that inspire intimacy.”  James is a very talented performer with a voice that makes you tremble and your knees go weak.  I’m sure I saw panties and  note cards with phone numbers flying towards the stage. Find out for yourself what James is all about at Sweet Whispers  28/02/13 6pm slt.

Last stop was  to the very packed  Brass Note and I just could not leave! Aussie Day Blues party with some of the best performers and a very friendly crowd.

Bluemonk Rau “amazing artist with brilliant guitar skills and an awesome set of vocal pipes to go with it..  classic blues .” Sensational!  Next show,  VMS 29/01/13 at 12pm slt.

Blues Heron “Blues is one fine guitarist who is of no compare, he plays the classics with refined ability and his own penned original tunes are simply brilliant.” Astounding! Every Sunday night at Sheries 10pm slt

Noma Falta “this lady can rock the bass and plays classics giving them a very Noma taste,”  can’t get enough Noma in your life!  Electrifying! Portland 30/01/13 at 1pm slt.

27  January 2013  End of Time presents:
12pm Brian Narstrom
1  pm  Madmax Huet
2  pm  Rick Ugh Yeu
3  pm  Chris Darkstone
4  pm  Jamba LosAngeles
5  pm  Maurice Mistwallow
6  pm  Spike Luckstone

paragraphseparatorMy Aussie Day picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ~Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ARGRACE  ~Soft breeze ~ (Blonde)

Dress ~Lil’Lace ~Mariska Light Green (also dark green)   includes tango appliers

Hat ~Jane Westminster Unisex Australia Party Hat

Shoes ~ Diktator ~HEAT (NUDE)

Necklace and Earrings ~ glow studio ~ Cosmic Pow/gold

Poses and Props ~ SN~ Lounging Around Aussie Style ( group gift)
My AO Stands

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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