Quiet slow Sunday……………….

lazy sunday                                                                                             Click Picture

Was a quiet Sunday for me in both worlds. I tp’d around some to this venue and that and as always found some good music.  Most I’ve blogged before but two I  haven’t.

Strummer Vultee and Morten Shamen  awesome duo playing at Lea’s Place. They dual stream a lot but tonight they were in one place playing together. Smooth and yummy. Can’t wait to hear them again. No show scheduled at this time.

Last stop was the Pier to hear Harper Messmer “Come listen to his originals and those by some of today’s popular artists, including Dave Matthews, Lifehouse, The Fray, and Maroon 5”  Very ear pleasing show, was quite and enjoyable hour of music. An artist to be heard again. No shows scheduled at this time.

28  January 2013  End of Time presents:
12pm Jon Bazar
1  pm Phoe Nix
3  pm Steveeolio
4  pm Rhiannon Yuhura
5  pm Solechant
6  pm Tristyn Homewood
7  pm Mr Multi Writer


My Sunday out fit is brought to you by the following designers :


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ~Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ D!va ~ Tomoko2 (Type B)(Cat’s eye)

Blouse ~AOHARU ~DungareeLongShirt ~White

Pants ~ AOHARU ~Jeans ~SkinnyStraght ~Cream

Boots ~[e] Secret ~ Cocoa

Necklace ~ CELTIC MYST ~Silver Cross Long Necklace

Pose ~ Katink ~ Bette series

Background ~ Image Essentials ( 2000 member group gift)

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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