Graduation in SL

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I had a chance to dress up today as a dear friend of mine, MsMinuette graduated from the Music Grove Academy. “Officially opened in January 2012, the premier Music Grove Academy of Performance has proven itself a leading educator for live musicians and a top contributor to the SL Music world.”  The ceremony was held at the Music Grove Academy Satelitte Campus at Nashville Music Row. The Academy helps people who have a desire to perform in SL by teaching all the ins and outs of the industry here through classes and seminars. The teachers are all experienced in the various areas of the Music community and pass on their knowledge.  Hundred’s of people have taken classes and seminars with two having gone all the way to graduation. If interested drop into the Academy site or contact Dean of MG Academy Adevina Citron-Gearz. As I stated the ceremony was  held at Nashville Music Row, owned by  Bo Hoyes. A lot of work went into building Music Row but the end result is an exact copy of the First Life one. I encourage you to take a tour of this awesome sim and attend some of the shows held there.  You really will not be disappointed.

Congratulations Min for sticking it out and I look forward to being in the audience of many of your upcoming shows.

Only a bit of music for me today.  Ronnie Mayes “No Management team  – No Groupies – No Harmonizer – No backing tracks Just me & My Guitar. ”  was strumming at Guthries when I landed coffee in hand. Acoustic folk with some great originals. Ronnie is also  Co~Owner of The Alhambra venue. Check Ronnie out at The Cavern 04/02/13 1pm slt.

Folllowing Ronnie was Justme Carlucci  “I play a down home acoustic style with something for just about everyone. All Live, All Acoustic, All Justme.”  Awesome hour of tunes and fun really enjoyed this gig PLUS  I won a jester hat and sunglasses from his random gift giver 🙂 See Justme at Rockin Roost Roadhouse 08/02/13 6pm slt.
3 Feb  End of Time presents:
12pm Lovesongs Writer
1pm Automatic Quandry
2pm Vincent Carpathea
3pm Jamba Losangeles
4pm Jonas Lunasea
5pm Madmax Huet
6pm Spike Luckstone


My cute graduation going outfit pic is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ~Lucid Eyes – Optimism

Hair ~Amacci  Mika ~ Swedish Blond

Dress ~aDIVA Couture LeeLoo (includes purse and necklace)

Hat ~AMELIE ~ Ciccia Bergamasco Hat

Shoes ~ Redgrave ~ Shoes LILLY – (12 colour hud)

Pose ~ Y’s A&P – I Like My Tree F5 I Like My Tree F5

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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