Welcome back………………..or is it an illusion?

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Today the Barn420 saw the return of the awesome Hayduke Schnook to sl performing. Madolin extraordinaire and all round bad boy. He has been described as a whippet on cocaine. Duke’s shows are not for the faint of heart and are quite R rated but if you enjoy a whacky time and good tunes check out Hayduke. He claims he’s back to perform but time will tell. Look for him to be come a regular at Surfside Hideaway and Barn420 in the near future.

Another rarity in Sl today was the  return of  Los Federales. In a triple stream Santo Esteban (Saint Stephen) Del Mar (Mason Thorne), Hayzues (Zues) Pescado Del Montaña (Hayduck Schnook) and Don  Francisco (Cisco) Hierba Verde (Donny Doobie).“Known to the locals of Old Mexico as “Los Federales Felices”, Los Federales are a group of vigilantes who roam the deserts of Mexico with one goal in mind:  keeping the Mexican dirt weed from crossing the border into The States.Not commissioned by either government, The Federales ride from cantina to cantina funding their noble effort with what few pesos they’re able to gain from the generosity of the locals.  Occasionally, they’ll stumble into a cantina with high-speed Internet access allowing them the rare opportunity to stream their shows into SL.”   Seriously this is one fine group that rarely plays in sl anymore, but it’s a true treat when they do. Triple streaming from various parts of the USA these guys give one good hour of ear candy and chuckles. Hopefully they’ll find their way back to performing together as has been promised  and you know I’ll be blogging it!

Dropped by The Deck to hear the joyful sounds of Shannon Oherlihy.  “Inspired by the music of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Bob Dylan, Shannon found her musical roots in contemporary folk.” After a long day at work everyone should  kick off their shoes, settle down in front of their screen and inhale some Shannon. Take in her show at Ann’s Place of Grace 07/02/13 6:00 pm slt.

Was Wilde River Music night at Wild Girlz. Tonight Mason Thorne and Jon Bazar sang inside the Gentlemen’s Club itself. Girls pole dancing, a double show for all.  I’ve blogged these two musicans so much I’m sure you all know how I feel about them. However if your looking for good music with great entertainment value check them both out and often!  Jon is at Helle’ Angels  06/02/13 at  11am slt  and Mason right after at 12 noon slt. Best double bill on the grid, be there or be square!

Don’t forget the Offical Launch Party for Charmed Breedable Fashions is fast approching Feb 10th @2pm slt. Live Performers  Lisa Brune & Cranston Yordstrom, plus tons of raffles and prizes.

Image Essentials, Something New and Demise of Flight where I take a lot of my blog pictures are having hunts and newness. Drop by and click the subscribo or  join the group. Also group members get free use of all the studios and props.


6 February End of Time presents:

1pm Russell Eponym
2pm Oldwolf Criss
3pm Oldwolf Criss
5pm Bluemonk Rau
6pm MadMax Huet
7pm Rosedrop Rust
8pm Grif Bamaisin


Today’s outfit picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ~Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~ EMO-tions ~PAULA  ~blonde

Top ~ SEY Ensemble comes with Hud for colour and texture changes also with or without undershirt.

Jeans ~ ZED~ Distressed worn Blue Jeans ( Don’t forget the Diamond Hunt going in the store for some great freebies)

Sneakers ~ CS Design ~ Sneakers M03 (colour change hud)

Glasses ~ AIR ~reading glasses (old hunt gift)

Rings ~Red Mint ~ Copper Rings

Poses and Props ~ The Image Essentials  Horses prop is a combination of items purchased from various merchants as well as items created by Kay Weston.

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free ) New scenes, props and poses added often



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