And then there was Miss Haggis…

Angel0                                                                                                                                         Click Picture

SL is obviously a social game and without friends it can be a lonely place.  I have been lucky to have surrounded myself with the finest collection of whacky, fun loving, fantatic people.  I’d like to start introducing some of them to you in my blogs.

One of them is Angelwithahintoflife Pierterson who I lovingly refer to as Miss Haggis. Angel is a sweet lassie from Scotland who is an oldtime Sl’er.  This past January Angel had her 7th rez day and told me about how her SL has evolved. Seven years ago when she started there only 30,000 citizen’s, no flexi, mesh or live music. Soon after starting she met Dakari Harbinger who became and still is her partner.  Together they started a club where they both DJ’d and ran events. Angel also was a casino host and taught Greedy and other games available on the grid. Eighteen months later live music finally arrived and Angel jumped right in with both feet and became the host for Music Not Politics. The music scene has grown leaps and  bounds since then and Angel has been a big supporter. Not long after starting to host live music, she met 4 of her closest friends, ( Mason Thorne, Jon Bazar, Hayduke Schnook and Donny Doobie) who she manages these days along with Luka Mikoyan.  If there is music going on Angel is there and if you want to know a good gig to attend  just IM her and she’ll know exactly where to point you for your individual tastes. Miss Haggis is also a builder and designer with a bit of scripting having taken courses and taught in SL.

If you happen to run into Angel and I at venue you’ll most likely see us hassling each other in local but believe me it’s all coated in love. Fun barbs and teasing, I often think we should take our act on the road!  An excellent greedy player and seldom defeated BUT and you read it here…. I, Daallee  managed to beat her the other day (once) haha. Angel is a great example of someone enjoying all there is to enjoy here and  helping  people along the way to fullfil their own Secondlife experience. I am proud to call her one of my close friends. Say hi to Miss Haggis if you see her and tell her Daallee says she cheats at Greedy! ( she doesnt, I just suck).

7 February End of Time presents:
12pm Paradorn Ansar
2pm Seamore Wildehart
3pm Frogg Marlowe
4pm Clairede Dirval
5pm Blane Sonnenkern
6pm Leandro Doune


Angels  picture was put together by the following designers:

Skin ~ Belleza ~ Kate New Year Skin ( Group gift available now)

Shape ~ Her Own

Eyes ~ Pulse – Avanti Eyes/Sanzio

Hair ~ Damselfly ~ Tamatha~Black Pearl Warm

Outfit ~ Hudsons – Antique Satin Red MESH set

Boots ~ Bax – Prestige Boots Black Leather

Jewlery  ~ Hudsons – Black Moonstone Set  Earrings, Necklace, Shoulder decor ( January Group Gift)

Pose and Background ~  KaTink Photo Studio v1.0 Final

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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