Holy Blizzard Batman!

Rainy day

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And then it snowed for forty days and .. whoa I hope not, but seriously parts of the USA and here in Canada have got some nasty weather. SL to the rescue, images of beaches and sun and ..you know all the good virtual stuff.

Was up bright and early to hear my one of my “stalked” musicans, Jon Bazar “He says, “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.” at Guthries. With coffee in hand I had one hour of slow, awesome wake up. Catch Jon yourself at End of Time 11/02/13 @12 noon slt.

After Jon was the titlating tunage of Steely DeCosta “Not only is STEELY a versatile and accomplished guitarist, but his voice will captivate you as you feel the passion and emotion for each song he performs come through” and captivating he was, supreme ear candy. Tp to Rehab 11/02/13 @ 6pm slt.

This afternoon I was tp’d to hear Oblee (obeloinkment.wrigglesworth) at a new venue Spontaneous – Open Stage *Live* Music Venue.  This isnt any venue but one owned by Oblee and is for busking only. Live musicans, no backtracks just pure music. It is free to use by any live performer who joins the group. No venue tip jar, tip the performer if your inclined.  The venue will be open for the next 5 or 6 months. You are free to explore the sim and find all the hidden doors to other places.

Since I was snowed in I just moved right into SL ( that’s my excuse I’m sticking to it) and spent the evening at End of Time.

Roxanne Ysabel “I am a semi-professional Jazz singer in RL and my musical roots stem from my Musical Theatre background, but most importantly, from my father who had a love of Jazz, Blues, Soul and Southern Rock” was onstage when I landed in the colourful dance circle. This lady puts her heart and soul into her songs and draws you in. To experience Roxanne  go to Kickin 10/02/13 @ 2pm slt.

Stumbling to the stage next was my other “stalked” musican Mason Thorne “plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well.” one of my best friends 🙂 If you havent experienced a Mason show your missing something so…  mark your calendars for  19/02/13 at 9pm slt when he debuts at The Source.

Yamis Jewell was up after Mason but due to the nasty storm in her area unfortunately couldnt get a good enough connection. Jon Bazar was there so I thrust his guitar in his hand and said.. go entertain the people! Well didnt happen exactly like that but Jon did fill in.. good save Jon 🙂

Last on the bill tonight was BartAlan Barbasz “Delivering the softer side of folk, country, and pop with a bit of electric guitar in there too!” Fabulous hour of great  music. Wonderful sounds coming out of Bart and I want to hear them again! Bart is at Pranksters every Monday night 8pm slt.

Countdown to the Offical Launch Party for Charmed Breedable Fashions Feb 10th @2pm slt. Live Performers Lisa Brune & Cranston Yordstrom, plus tons of raffles and prizes. Ever want to breed your own shoes, your own designs?  Attend and find out how.

The Source has a great line up for this coming Sunday night. Giving you an extra days heads up.  Check out the talent!


9 February End of Time presents:
11am Laidback Celt
12pm Mamaa Saiz
1pm TheBalladeer
2pm Jasher Faith
3pm Guitarman Flanagan
4pm Premium Composer
5pm Quartz
6pm Beamer Lowtide
7pm Pmann Sands


My crazy weather picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ~Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~Damselfly ~Felicity ~Beach Beige (group gift many colours included)

Outfit ~ D&G  ~ India ~ Complete Outfit includes, outfit, shoes, bracelets (L&R)   tango appliers  also availble on Marketplace.

Necklace ~ Noodles – Key to My Heart Rose Gold ( Fifty Linden Friday)

Earrings ~Elate ~Julie Earring Gold ( 50 %) off sale  until February 17 th)

Poses and Props ~ oOo Studio: Rainy Day Interior Vignette v1.8s

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free ) New scenes, props and poses added often



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