A charmed Sunday………..

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Today was the Grand Opening of Charmed Breedable Fashions, shoes that breed. There was a fantastic turn out for the occasion. Event started with the wonderous voiced Lisa Brune “The voice of an angel does not do Lisa proud, clear ethereal touching, moving..all words used to describe Lisa and how she makes you feel.” I could tell you how beautiful Lisa’s voice is but I could not do her justice, but I can tell you I floated on air for an hour listening to her. Find out yourself at VMS 12/02/13 11am slt.

The event moved forward with another hour of fantastic entertainment in the form of Cranston Yordstorm “Cranston has always felt a yen for opening the Classic American songbook and belting out tunes in the style of one his RL heroes, Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.” If you like love songs, jazz and old time  good tunes then you will enjoy Cranston.  He’d be a good one to take a date to fella’s!  Catch Cranston’s set at New England  18/02/13 5pm slt.

There was a contest for Beta shoe breeders, Spice Voir won best in heels and Chyna Watts for best in sneaker. The packages for pre-sales tickets will be available at 4am slt Monday and the full release is Valentines Day.  Stop by the store and see what it’s all about. Ladies we all love shoes and this is one way to have even more and shoes designed by ourselves. Men you have not been forgotten as there are breedables for you too.

My picture above was taken at the Charmed sim where you can buy rooms to store your breeding and finished shoes in. They are themed rooms such as the one above, a movie theater or a dining room, bathroom, kids room, many options. There is also furniture available to purchase to store your shoes. Something for every prim level.

Afterwards, I stopped by The Source for some good Sunday night music. Voodoo Shilton “I am a guitarist/live performer! I play jazz, flamenco, gypsy jazz, bossa nova, world music and  other styles on the classical guitar.” and his magical fingers were mid set and amazing as always. Tonight he had  a surprise in the form of something terrestrial. Guess you’ll have to go to one of his shows to find out what that is all about. Voodoo will be at The New Roof 11/02/13 9pm slt.

Following was Reggie Sunset, “With an early country influence that has a twinge of blues thrown in, Reggie delivers whether performing a cover or one of his own love songs or incredible folk ballads, it’s easy to see his passion!”  Reggie is like your favourite comforter on a cold night. He makes you feel warm and secure and all is right with the world. Claim your comforter moments with Reggie at Watrs Edge 11/02/13 8pm slt.

Last but not least was Bad Bad Boy Raspbury Rearwin. “Staying as far below the radar as he can, he’ll Ninja surprise you with his sultry smooth take on the songs you forgot you loved and a few you never heard before.”  You never know what you’ll get with Rasp but it’s always good! Tonight he was playing on a new cheap 100 dollar guitar and even that sounded good. Take in the Raspbury experience at Surfside Hideaway 12/02/13  8pm slt.


11 February End of Time presents:
12pm Jon Bazar
1pm Theresa Nayar
2pm Jamba LosAngeles
3pm Steveeolio
4pm WashedUp Sideways
5pm Solechant
6pm Jonas Lunasea
7pm MrMultiWriter


My Charmed Outfit  is brought to you by the following Desingers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~CC ~ Hat Hair with Blond knot ( great hair base with  knot at back, perfect for wearing with hats)

Outfit ~ Mohna Lisa ~Prima Donna ~ Pink Dots (other colours available) Includes hat and shoes. ( shoes not worn)

Shoes ~N-core COQUETE Platform “Dark Pink”

Jewelry ~ Burroughs – Emily  ( includes, necklace, earrings, bracelet, anklets)

Poses ~ katink ~ Lana

Location ~ Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim


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