I have shoes and I have music I can die happy………………………..

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I picked up my breedable shoes today and birthed them. Phew big job, 10 baby shoes to care for now. Am I nuts? Probably, but it was quite a fun experience waiting to see how they would turn out. I now have 3 pairs heels, 4 pairs boots, and 2 pairs men’s shoes and a pair of sneakers to care and breed for. I put them on their furniture which is required for them them to be able to go through all their stages and breeding. I set out the shine and broom to keep them healthy and now just have to keep an eye on them for 4 days to make sure they don’t’ get sick until they become adults. More when they reach the next stage.  To get your own breedable shoe’s and accessories tp over to Charmed Breedable Fashions. Check them out at www.charmedbreedablefashions.com, Facebook@ Charmed Breedable Fashions or join the inworld group: Charmed Breedable Fashions.

Caught Ed Barber’s show at Ecnad this evening. ” He performs Original Music as well as vast array of Modern Day Covers from artists such as The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Paolo Nutini, Damien Rice Etc as well as music from Contemporary Christian Artists such as Tim Hughes, Matt Redman etc.”  Ed puts on a great show with lots of variation, from love songs to comedy. He has a fun game song where he asks the audience for topics and makes a song out of them. Tonight I recall some of them to be: tic tac’s, skittles and sex, hair rollers, chunky monkey ice cream, and several others.  Ed rolled them all into a very hilarious tune.  Ed has no shows booked at this time but hopefully in the very near  future.

To my delight Bright Oh was next on the Ecnad stage. “Bright is a story teller in the finest tradition. His shows flow between ballads, mid-tempo rock and rants both unplugged, and with backing tracks. His stories are so real you will cry or burst out laughing.”  Bright sings from deep inside himself bringing out a raw emotion that make an hour with him unforgettable. Drop by Ecnad 25/02/13 @ 6pm slt to experience some Bright Oh.

Last stop was Rhi’s Poem for Meegan Danitz, Owner & Manager of Rhi’s Poem’s 4th REz Day. Happy 4th Megan 🙂

Tom 2.0 (tom2point0) He performs a wide mix of songs, ranging from the oldies of the 50’s and 60’s (like Elvis and the Beatles) up through the modern pop music of today (Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Matchbox Twenty to name  a few).”  was up on Rhi’s stage  strumming and singing away.  Tom sings just about everything except my request for Lawrence  Welk 😦 Upbeat and entertaining show. Catch Tom2.0 at Crystal Gardens 16/02/13 @7pm slt.

Jon Bazar “He says, “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.” was up next  for Megans Rez Day Celebration. His music definitely soothes me.  You can feel  his passion and such an unique voice and guitar style, I can never get enough Jon.  Come get some Bazar at Lavendar Fields 12/02/13 1pm slt.

Ended my evening with the entrancing  sounds of Stephanniyah Sinatra.“She captivates audiences with her broad range of covers including set lists of acoustic versions of top 40 songs, soul jams, and jazz/blues standards”. The lady can sing the SL rule book and make it sound good!  Awesome show Steph. Catch her Debut at The Source 12/02/13 @8pm slt.


12 February End of Time presents:
12pm Freddy Mergatroid
1pm Mimi Singer Hadisson
2pm FedoraJones Popstar
3pm Avanti Delwood
4pm Jasher Faith
5pm BlindBoink Parham
6pm Blane Sonnenkern
7pm Iz Finesmith


My new shoes day picture is  brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ~Sunrise’ Eyes ~Summer

Hair ~Exile Jane/champagne

Outfit ~ZED Pink Emo Skull  and Aussie Brush ~ Baggy Capris and Cutsie Top  (also comes in Born in USA, Rule Britannia and Wonder Zed)

Prop ~ Charmed Breedable Fashions shoe storage furniture

Poses ~ katink ~ Lana

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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