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Happy Friday everyone, can you believe we are half way through February WOW!   This morning found me at my favourite coffee drinking music venue Guthries.

Moses Rae  “Heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, his compositions reflect a deep and penetrating look at the world in general and the human heart in particular. Poetic and deep, his words and voice capture your mind and draw you in to his world of contemplation!” woke me up slowly spining his yarns with his soft melodic voice and strumming. Moses plays at Guthries every Friday at 6am slt.

Next up was another Friday regular and one of my all time favourite’s Jon Bazar.“He says “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.”  Jon is musican who says he has to play, it’s like oxygen to him.  One song and your  hooked into the Bazar experience. Passionate, unique, one of a kind musican . If you haven’t heard him yet you really should. He’ll be at End of Time  18/2/13 @ 12noon slt.  IM me for a taxi you know I’ll be there.

Evening time I was back in SL at at End of Time. There was a newcomer to SL on stage.

KindaGuitarded “Its Time To Get Guitarded -music is energy -i am music -you are energy -i am you- The Mothership Awaits”  this guy put on a good show with some great KindaGuitarded covers. Great audience interaction and funny to boot. I can see him becoming a favourite across the grid.  Check him out at Surfside Hideaway 17/02/13 @ 1pm slt.

Next was the ever loveable, insane Mason Thorne. “Mason plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well”  You never leave a Mason show without having a good time. Always full of pranks and jokes along with his Mansonized covers and quirky originals , he makes the hour fly and leaves you chuckling and looking for his next show. Make sure to be at The Source for Mason’t debut 19/02/13 @ 8pm slt.

Last stop was to see Stella Silvansky “Singer, Songwriter. Acoustic Guitarist mixes a hint of sultriness with a wisp of magic to provide her listeners with an hour of musical storytelling.” Stella’s been away from SL for a bit with an illness and other things.  Stellas was definitely missed and the packed house at Key West proved it.  A delighfully talented singer who put on a fine performance considering she’s been ill. Catch her show at Sweet Whispers  17/02/13 @ 5pm slt.

16 February End of Time presents:
11am  Doofus &  Pan
12pm  Pol Arida
1pm     Eddie Santillo
2pm    Pmann Sands
3pm   Gavin Zane
4pm   Tip Corbett
5pm   Coltrane Shostakovich


My picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~ARGRACE  Military Cap “Loose Chignon” ~ (Blonde)

Top ~ Chemistry ~Echo Tank Top (crop) – Lace White  ( contains  black and white long and crop)

Jeans ~ Razorblade Jacket ~ Fuel~ Belt  HUD Controlled

Shoes ~ HOC Industries – Suede Sneakers  ( colour hud)

Necklace ~ PIXEL BOX – Necklace “Magic’s Secrets”

Bracelet ~ MG – Bangle – Ramona 77 – Studs Large

Props and Poses ~:CP: & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Lounger  and my AO

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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