Can you say pillow fight?

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Whats more fun than a pillow fight with a friend? An insanely fun open mic! This morning as soon as my feet landed in SL a friend tp’d me to an Open Mic at The Rafters “Live music form the best of the best! The Home Stage of Avantgarde Frequency features Some of the best musicians found on the grid. ” Every Saturday am the club hosts an open mic from 8am to 10am slt with Manager and Hostess Ange (sweetpea.shilova) keeping things running smoothly.  I managed to stay for a few performers and had a great time and will defintely be going again. The musicans I did see were, Advantgarde Frequency,Blane Sonnenkern, and the new guy KindaGuitarded I blogged last night.  Next Saturday I suggest you take a tp over to  The Rafter’s  and have yourself some fun and good music.

The Open Mic is sponsored by Plowwies Jammies & Slippers an established buisness in SL since 2008 and owned by wie (plowwie.voom). Everyone attending Open Mic received a 200L gift certificate, so tonight my friend Angel and I went and purchased some cool pj’s and slippers. The pillow fight pillows are free in  store. Wie has a huge selection of jammies, cartoon, costume and other sleep items in stock, all housed in a very playful building.  If your looking for some cool pj’s Plowwies is the place to check out.

This evening before slipping into my cute jammies I dropped by the Real Mccoy Club to hear Bronze8020. “Bronze has been playing guitar & singing since he was just 11 years old. He began playing gigs & parties when he was 13. After joining a couple of rock & roll bands he suddenly became more mellow & released his passion & began playing acoustics. ” Bronze was sounding good tonight after a bout of that nasty virus that seems to be attacking our fine SL performers. I really enjoyed hearing all the older great tunes I grew up with that never go stale. Hear Bronze yourself at Surfside Hideaway 18/02 @1pm slt.

My Charm Breedaable Fashion shoes are coming along nicely having gone through the youth stage to enchantment which is now at  50%. Soon I can start breeding them!  I’m waiting with anticipation for the pink hearts to appear on my shoes so I can start. These shoes are a fun and turns you into a designer without much effort. Drop by Charm Breedable Fashions to pick up some of your own.

Reminder about the Charity Raffle, Shoe Fashion Show and Auction benefiting Saturday February 23rd at 8am SLT.

17 February End of Time presents:
11:00 Agustin Braham
12:00 Lovesongs Writer
13:00 Scofi Robson
14:00 Vincent Carpathea
15:00 Arimo Teixeira
16:00 Chris Darkstone
17:00 Gypsy Quixote
18:00 Spike Luckstone

paragraphseparatorMy pillow fighting  picture is brought to you by the following designers:



Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~TRUTH ~Bunny – driftwood

Pj’s adn Slippers~ plowwies ~Meggs   ( comes with everything in picture plus panties and t-shirt)

Angel :

Skin ~ Belleza ~ Kate New Year Skin

Hair~Damsefly ~ Jaslyn ~Black Pearl Warm

Pj’s ans Slippers ~Plowwies ~ Olwen (  comes with everything in picture)

Props and Poses ~ Pillows ~ plowwies   Bed~ ZOOM Posing Artistry {THE BED} ( comes with additional props)

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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