Oh that’s a nice dress,hint hint………………..

the dress                                                                                                                              Click Picture

First Life kept me busy today so I wasnt inworld much until this evening, but it started with a bang when I did make it here.  I was immediately told dress up and come hear Marky Helstein. Well I am always looking for a reason to dress up so it didnt take me long to get ready and tp.

Marky was playing at Starlight Dreams Ballroom, a pretty setting for a formal evening.  On piano this evening Marky, serenaded everyone with his remarkable voice.  This man exudes talent and if you havent heard him perform yet, I have to ask…..what are you waiting for? So, take this taxi to Ecand 18/02@1 pm slt  and hear this fantastic musican.

Now, I always try to have my own unique style, but I saw Brie Helstein ( Marky’s partner) looking awesome in the most amazingly sexy dress and I had to have it! Being Mesh I couldn’t perve and inspect it so had no choice but to ask Brie about it. Luckily she directed me to the designer Joeylin of Paisley Daisy and I bought it!  Ok, so I’m a copycat, but this dress has the most lucious back!  This designer has many “I want” dresses so you may see more of them in the  future”

Venue hopped a bit later part of the evening and saw a few I often see.

The sweet sounds of Shannon Oherlihy at the Nitida Campfire.  Fabulous originals and great covers, Shannon is one to be heard. Fly over to Tranquil Cafe 25/02 @ 5pm slt to hear this sweet singer.

Tom 2.0 was at B&Q making the place jump with his energetic style of popular songs with a few originals. You definitely won’t fall asleep at a Tom show. Catch one at Watr’s Edge 18/02 @ 8pmslt.

Raspbury Rearwin, always a favourite of mine ended my musical evening at The Source.  Always unpredictable and a little naughty, but I do love me some Raspbury tunage especially his Epics! Put The Source on your list for 24/02 @ 9pm slt and hear a Rasp Epic yourself.

My breedable  shoes are now at 84 % enchantment, so… very soon I can start breeding.. hurry up pink hearts! Don’t forget the Charity event coming up on the 23rd of February at 8am slt ,where you can bid on wearable CBF shoes. All linden from this event goes to Kiva Org. There will be 19 pairs of wearable shoes up on offer. A catalog will be available soon.


8 February  End of Time presents:
12pm  Jon Bazar
1pm   Phoe Nix
2pm   Surreel
3pm   Steveeolio
4pm   WashedUp Sideways
5pm   Solechant
6pm   Tristyn Homewood
7pm   MrMultiWriter

My sexy dress picture was put together  by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~ D!va ~Sayaka2 (Type A)(Cat’s eye)

Dress ~Paisley Daisy ~mesh ~Alexander Wang black leather strap gown

Necklace and Earrings ~Mc Designs ~Sensuous Back Fall pink pearl

Ring ~ Zeerys ~Cultured White Pearl Ring

Poses  ~ Katink ~ Allison

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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