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pretty in pink

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It finally happened, I logged in today and my shoes had pink hearts!!!!! My Charm Breedable Fashion shoes finally reached adulthood. I stood there like a proud momma admiring those cute little pink hearts and trying to decide which pairs I should breed together. Slowly, I matched up all 10 pairs, some with similar and a few bizarre combinations.  When I was done all the hearts had turned to red. Now I wait three days until the cradles appear and my newly breed shoe babies arrive.
You can buy your own breedable shoes at Charm Breedable Fashions. However if your to impatient you can go to the Charity event coming up on the 23rd of February at 8am slt, where you can bid on wearable CBF shoes. All linden’s from this event go to Kiva Org.

It was main stage night at Wild Girlz and Jon Bazar “He says “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.” started the evening rolling with a round of drinks and an awesome set list of everyone’s favourite tunes. By the end of the hour everyone was in high spirits and raring to go. If you’ve never felt the Bazar Exerperience you should and no need to wait long. Jon will be at Surfside Hideaway
20/02 @ 12 noon for Desi the owners birthday party.

After Jon was CQ (colorfulquiet) who is very recently back in SL after a time out. Soft, gooey, yummy like smores . CQ weaves his songs into an dessert like no other. A little Rated but like any good sweet tidbit, a bit sinful. Welcome back CQ and hope to see you again at Rara’s 21/02 @ 7pm slt.

Rushed over to The Source for 8pm slt to see my good friend Mason Thorne debut.” plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well. Mason is a true son of Poseidon.” If you weren’t there you missed one fun hour! Fabulous Masonized tunage and corny, hilarious jokes. Was an awesome show my friend.  See Mason yourself at Surfside Hideaway  20/02 @ 3pm slt.

Sunshine Palmyra“Guitarist and Singer, Sunshine Palmyra brings in her fun and energetic personality to her music with her sometimes Fast, sometimes slow but always entertaining acoustic guitar versions of your favorite songs!”  added to the sparkle of the night at The Source.  Beautiful acoustic covers I didn’t want her hour to end. Plus she rocked Don Henley ! Catch Sunshine at Bound to Excite 20/01 @ 8pm slt.

Last up was Stratakat brings to the musical table a generous and tasteful blend of his jazz, rock and blues influences, powering his jaw-dropping guitar leads to ever higher altitudes. Blending Hendrix, Santana, Gambale, Vai and more into one powerful tone, his new CD “NO RULES” (produced by Greg Howe) breaks down barriers and challenges the limits of virtuoso guitar work.” Awesome guitarist, magic fingers, have to hear this one again. Stratakat will be at  Rhi’s Poem 20/02 @ 10pm slt.


20 February End of Time presents:
11am Bono & Raven Kondor
12pm Russell Eponym
1pm Russell Eponym
2pm Oldwolf Criss
3pm Oldwolf Criss
5pm Bluemonk Rau
6pm MadMax Huet
7pm Rosedrop Rust
8pm Grif Bamaisin


My lovely picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON

Hair ~ Exile ~Violetta ~Chardonnay

Dress ~ Maitreya ~ Mignon Evening ~Seashell ~ Mesh

Shoes ~ Redgrave ~ Doro  (12color hud)

Jewlery ~ Burroughs – Gianna  Set ( necklace, earrings, bracelt, ring) (   metal and gems  hud)

Poses ~ DP~ Down On My Knees 50 and  BEZ  ~Sensual  1 and 4

Background ~ Owl Dragonash

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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