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A quick blog tonight, but I wanted to show off this cute Katink pose and this fabulous mesh outfit from Paisly Daisy.

Tp’ed around today to my usual favourite musican’s gigs but did see a few new to me.  At Surfside Hideaway where celebrations for owner Desi (desirae.beaumont) birthday bash were being held,  I heard Frank Molko. ” from the Netherlands, is an accomplished singer, guitar player and songwriter. Given his first guitar and his love for music by his Irish grandmother, over the next 40 years Franck has played and sung   many genres of music, from his love of Irish folk all the way to country, these influences have created a show that is now uniquely Franck.” Good crowd pleasing music from Frank, nice covers and well done originals.  A very high energy show, making the party even more enjoyable.  See Frank yourself at the Acoustic Cave 22/02 @ 3pm slt.

This evening I  heard another new muscian for me, Anderson Parkes at  Rhi’s Poem.”is not new to the music scene, and after a 12 month hiatus is back in SL to share his talent. He covers songs from many different genre’s from The Beatles and Nickelback to Journey and Chris Isaac (and many others in between!!). Anderson’s smooth, expressive voice will take you on a musical journey from the 60’s till present day and his eclectic array of music will excite the senses and sooth the ears.” It was a good hour of well loved tunes done in Anderson’s own Brazilian flare.  If you want to hear one of your favourite songs with a new twist check out Anderson at the Black Dahila  21/02 3pm slt.

I also spent some time at The New Roof tonight. Strum Diesel“is a musician who can break three strings in a single show and keep on going! With his dazzling guitar playing and huge repertoire of covers and originals, this green-haired guy always puts on an amazing show.” was almost finished his set to my disappointment.  I really like Strum’s shows and do try to make as many as I can. Strum pours himself body and soul into his music, be it his passionately messaged originals to his great covers. Strum will be at Belle’s Coffee Shop 23/02 1pm slt.

My Charm Breedable Fashion shoes are still “pregnant” and I’m waiting for the cradles to appear with my baby shoes.  They should arrive Friday sometime and I’m really excited to see what I will get.  A reminder about the Charity Event coming up on the 23rd of February at 8am slt, where you can bid on wearable CBF shoes. All linden’s from this event go to Kiva Org. Plus you can buy breedables to start your own little shoe family yourself at Charm Breedable Fashions.

21 February End of Time presents:
12pm Paradorn Ansar
1pm Blindboink Parham
2pm Seamore Wildehart
3pm Frogg Marlowe
4pm Clairede Dirval
5pm Agustin Braham
6pm Leandro Doune

My cool pose and  fabulous outfit are brought to you by the following:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON

Hair ~Wasabi Pills ~Gloria Mesh Hair – Gingerbread

Outfit ~Paisley Daisy ~ mesh Valentino inspired golden leaf  Top and Pants

Jewlery ~Burroughs – Shanti Earring , Necklace and bracelet

Pose, Props and Background ~KaTink – Photo Anyone? ( current group gift) Background~ KaTink – Recycled

Thank you Mason Thorne for helping with the picture.

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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