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I am the first to admit I am not a natural born photographer in any world and even with the help of  Photo Shop and various other graphics program I am but mediocre and that’s ok, I am learning.  Image Essentials is starting a monthly contest on their sim. Each month Kay Weston owner of Image Essentials will choose a prop or destination on the sim to be used.  The picture must be as taken inworld (no graphic enhancements in a graphics program – the pic must be unedited).  Kay told me this is to level the playing field for those who don’t have the fancy graphics programs or know how to use all the bells and whistles. The competition is only open to group members and the winning picture will win $1000 L.
“Be creative but remember the picture must be taken either on the prop or in the grounds destination stipulated for each month’s competition.”  The first destination is the Bamboo and Zen Gardens.  Tp over to Image Essentials and  join the free group, then grab the free transportation hud and tp the the Bamboo and Zen Garden’s. When your done taking your picture, look up Kay Weston in search and  submit your  photo’s directly to her. Contest this month ends Feb 28th. Good Luck all who enter.  While there a look around, as all studios and destinations are free to use to group members plus a few shops you can check out. There is a lot to see there so take your time and see it all.

My picture above is my attempt at Depth of Perception with a fancy wind light setting. I believe I need to work on these “au natural” pictures some more.

I found a cool store JOMO with some letter boards for skins, Chinese clothing and jewelry plus a big shelf of free Chinese items. I won the outfit and skin in the picture.

Was a busy First World day for me so I did not get out and see much music but there are many other days for that.

My “pregnant” shoe’s are just about ready and I expect to have my babies when I log in sometimes on Friday. I’m sure I felt something going on when I stood close to them today.. I’m so excited!!!  I’ve been reading and seeing pictures of other peoples baby shoes as they are being born across the grid.

A reminder about the Charity Event coming up on the 23rd of February at 8am slt, where you can bid on wearable CBF shoes. All linden’s from this event go to Kiva Org. Plus you can buy breedables to start your own little shoe family yourself at Charm Breedable Fashions.

There is also raffle going on, 100L entry and a chance to win some goodies. There is a raffle board @ the main store waiting for clicks.
22 February End of Time presents:
11am Jon Gourdou
12pm Nikita Lumet
1pm   KevinThomas Carpool
2pm   Lightnin Lowtide
3pm   ReallyMad Morpork
4pm   Phillip Moura
5pm   GraveyJones
6pm   Mason Thorne


My picture is put together bye the following:

Skin ~ Jomo ~ Girl Lucky skin 015

Outfit ~ Jomo~ Chinese Court Costume A1 ( includes hair shoes, outfit and fan in  3  colours)

Pose ~ Image Essentials ~  The Blues  8

Locations ~ Image Essentials ~Bamboo and Zen Garden’s


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