The cradles have arrived!

more jammies

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Happy Friday everyone, let the weekend begin!  My Charm Breedable Fashion cradles arrived this afternoon and I birthed my baby shoes. I’m now a proud shoe momma to five new pairs. I was really tired after sitting around waiting all night and morning 😛  Since I’m very new to this and still learning, none of my shoes appear to be out of the ordinary but all are kinda cute. (What mom would say any different?) My new shoes need to go through the same cycle as my first set, 4 Days of Youth + (3 Days to reach Full Enchantment + 3 Days for Pairing + 1 Day of Recovery) 4+(3+3+1). To make my shoes wearable I will need to purchase a Shoe Design Bag for 200L. Each time you breed a shoe you have a chance of getting a  “Glass Slipper” and receive a REAL LIFE pair of Designer Shoes, $300-500 USD value!

Tomorrow is the Charm Breedable Fashions, Charity Event 23rd of February at 8am slt, with the talented DJ CottonCandy Teardrop and CBF Auctioneer Spice Voir.   Once-In-A-Lifetime chance to bid and win some stunning wearable CBF Shoes! There will be 16 beautiful, but hard to get Shoes, and 3 very Special rare pairs. *19* pairs of Shoes in all are up for auction.
So bring your friends & come support a good cause, and learn more about Charmed Breedable Fashions. The newest fashion game ever to hit the grid. CBF is not only the newest, but it’s the ONLY Breedable Fashion game there is. All linden’s from this event go to Kiva Org. Here’s your Taxi, hop in and I’ll see you there.

Looked around for some musican’s I’d not heard before tonight and first place I ended up was Coconut Beach where Shaye Denzo was playing. ” RL Performer and Musician – I sing Kickass Country, Rock and a little Blues..will do a whole show of either country or rock, or a mix of all 3. Also might play my 12 string a little. ” This lady has a powerhouse voice and can she sing!  I was so surprised when she belted out an Amanda Marshall song, one of my all time Canadian  female singers. I don’t think I have heard anyone in SL sing an Amanda song. I will be hearing Shaye again. Catch her at Fantasia Beach Club 24/02 3pm slt.

Next I went to Li’l No No’s Blues Social Club, a really nice cosy place with the awesome Kobie Ohanlon on stage.” As a seasoned RL performer, Jakobie Ohanlon is sure to please your ear with some serious smokin’ Chicago and Electric Blues. Giving you a true blues set. No mash up mess here folks! Kobie is the real deal.” I heard Kobie a long time ago and lost track of him, but man can this guy play the blues .  That guitar and that voice have you vibrating from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. I am definitely not losing track of him again. Kobie will be at  Coconutz Beach Bar 3pm slst  23/02.

Last stop was at Dr. John’s Prim Economy Music Park to see Noma Falta. “Bluesy and full of soulful performances whether full blown with her own tracks or just raw with guitar (or bass) and voice. A Professional musician finding a new platform to deliver music in Second LIFE. A versatile multi-instrumentalist with plenty of power and soul”  All that and a bowl of cheezies, Noma ROCKS what else can I say?  If you haven’t seen Noma your losing out! Get yourself  to Angels Aerie 23/02 @  5pm slt  for some Noma Heaven.

23 February End of Time presents:
12pm Suzan Littlething
1pm Beamer Lowtide
2pm Jasher Faith
3pm Guitarman Flanagan
4pm Automatic Quandry
5pm Kitzie Lane
6pm Camisapreta


My waiting for my shoes to be  born picture is by the following:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON

Hair ~ W&Y HAIR New27 “TYPE B”

Outfit ~ plowwies ~ Squiggy jammies ( entire outfit including shoes)

Poses and Props ~ CBF  shoe storage furniture and  My AO

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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