Hello Friday, whats hiding in my Inventory?

through my inventory                                                                                                                                                     Click Picture

Hello Friday, nice to see you!  How many of us uttered those words this morning? The weekend is here so lets relax and enjoy 🙂

Today I decided to go through my inventory and find things that were not new that I liked and are still available.  I think I pulled together a nice look for roaming around SL. Just because clothes are not the newest thing out there, doesn’t mean they aren’t fashionable and still available.  Take a look in your inventories, you’ll be amazed at some of the great things you’ll find you had forgotten about.

Stalked my usual musicans today but on the way around the grid I did see a few I’d not seen in awhile and a new one.  At Alhambra Castle my sweet friend Dusty Smythe “plays acoustic guitar with no backtracks. Call if Folk, Acoustic Rock, or Old Hippie Songs. In times of change, music becomes the language in the street. In addition to making people fall in love, music has ended wars, freed people and made us smile.” was doing what he does best, telling stories with his soft, warm voice and acoustic guitar.   Everyone should spend an hour with Dusty and feel the warmth and honesty emitting from this charming man.  If you tp to Ragged Edge 4/03 1pm slt you’ll get your chance.

Rockin Roost Roadhouse had a fabulous musician this evening in the form of Chapman Zane “Chap writes simple songs of family, home and love. Emotions connect and melodies soar with Chap’s acoustic jangle. With guitar and banjo in hand and a deep Kentucky heritage, Chap brings out old time mountain tunes for a foot tapping, hand clapping experience as well as an alternative view of country music.”  Can this man pick or what?  There is no way you can listen to Chap and sit still.  Splendid covers and brilliant originals. Check Chap out yourself at Tranquil Cafe 3/03 at 5pm slt and ask to hear his original “Backside Love”.

Headed to Pranksters next, one of my favorite venues in SL. Guru, Zany and JJ are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, they welcome you in and make you feel like family. Tonight Twostep Spiritweaver was on stage and I was in the arms of someone special in my SL and all was right in my world.  “Twostep, grew up in the Carolinas before moving to Texas where the music is as sweet as it is varied. His first love has always been music, from singing Beatles tunes along with his transistor radio to watching Flatt and Scruggs on the Grand Ole Opry to BB King concert in the early 70s.”  Twostep has a mesmerizing voice that just weaves through you and makes you feel all gooey and leaves you wanting more.  I will be hearing him again and possibly at Guthries 2/03 9am slt.

My shoes just gave birth again! YIKES  soon I’m going to be like the old lady in the shoe, who had so many babies she didn’t know what to do!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be a designer but with Charmed Breedable Fashions  I am designing my own shoes!   You know you want to check them out yourself, so take a tp over to the mainstore and have a good look around. There is always someone on staff there to help you understand the process and guide you to the package perfect for  you.

Join the CBF group at: secondlife:///app/group/aae9dbe8-eb25-6b88-aca2-30f157b1eef0/about

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CharmedBreedableFashions?ref=ts

There is still a raffle going on for Breedable shoes until April 1, 2013. Good Luck Everyone!! Imagine being a designer of your own shoes, a colour for each outfit and not robbing your Linden account blind! Breed yourself a boot with a sneaker or a pair of heels with boots, the combinations are numerous. The more times you enter the better your chances. Each entry costs 100L.

Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim Morlim Estates

CBF-@Sassy’s Monterey Beach

CBF-@Wheels Seadramon

CBF-@Xxtreme Oasis Xxtreme Oasis Breedables


2 March End of Time presents:
12pm Kiesta Aljon
1pm Eddie Santillo
2pm Pmann Sands
3pm Gavin Zane
4pm Tip Corbett
5pm Coltrane Shostakovich
6pm TwinGhost Ronas
7pm Camisapreta
8pm Camisapreta


My picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~ Exile ~Crazy in Love ~Chardonnay

Dress ~ coldLogic dress ~ vergara.linen

Shoes ~ W&Y  LB Pumps  A Cocoa ( lucky letter board ~ still available)

Jewelery ~  P.C~ Tumbled Stone Set

Bracelet ~ ~Blacklace~ Charm Braclet: Gold ( free with most outfits )

Ring ~ Burroughs – Amanda Ring  6-prongs

Poses ~aDORKable  ~ Honey

Background ~  KaTink ~ Magical Farm

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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