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Avi challenge1a

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I was busy First Life today so not a lot of music other than Jon’s shows, but I did hear two great musicians at Rhi’s Poem.

Steely Decosta Not only is Steely a versatile and accomplished guitarist, but his voice will captivate you as you feel the passion and emotion for each song he performs come through. His sound and style of playing has created a signature original to Steely” Fabulous musician who knows how to draw you in with his powerful voice and acoustic guitar, making you forget everything but  the man on stage for an hour. See Steely yourself at Key West 5/03 6pm slt where he will be dual streaming with Terrylynn Melody.

Jon Bazar was next and well, if your a regular reader of my blog then you already know all about Jon if not just read back you’ll learn a lot! Catch Jon 5/03  8pm slt at The Source.

Following  was Stephanniyah Sinatra ” has been singing for as long as she can remember. She has always turned to music to restore and rejuvenate. While others may meditate, hike, pray, and sweat it out at the gym; she finds comfort and solace in her music.” Simply beautiful and versatile. One minute shes singing a contemporary song, the next it’s Ella.  Give Steph a listen yourself when she returns to Rhi’s Poem 11/03 9pm slt.

Someone challenged me today to make an Avi with less than 100 Linden and of course I took up the challenge. It really does not cost a lot to make a nice Avi. When one is new to SL and doesn’t yet know what they like, going the inexpensive route is a good way to try out different looks until your ready to move on. So, off I went in hunt of  items I would need.

I was directed towards a store called Shop Free Style  where everything is priced from 0L to  50L. I picked up a skin package by Cupcake ( 50 L), which had 4 skins, 2 shapes, cleavage and make up tattoos and a  tango applier  in it. I also bought  a jewlery set ( 25 L), ring (15 L).  Great store loaded with many  inexpensive items from some really good designers.  You can also find Gatcha machines loaded with goodies. There definitely is something for everyone. Go check it out and find something awesome you’ve been wanting at a great price.

Total cost for my Avi was 90 L and if I may say so myself she looks great! Add the free items and we have a winner.

Next I was tp’d to Allure by my friend Chillee Hernadoz and wow I was like a kid at Xmas.  There I met Athayus Quan Owner and Offical Designer for Allure Ladies Mesh Fashion and 360 Men’s Mesh Clothing.  An amazing store that has been around for quite awhile but has been revamped and is now full of high quailty mesh. Athayus is so confident that you will like his designs he is offering Ladies 14  high quailty  items for free to all group members and the group is free to join. I believe eventually there will also be some men’s group gifts available too.  You can see how awesome the designs are in my picture. Great attention to detail is the key here and each design comes with a very detailed notecard on how to  fit your mesh item.  I don’t mean it has a standard sizes shape it has actual measurements you can make a shape with and still retain your face features as they are. Athayus showed me some of the new designs he has been working on and I can tell you they are spectacular.  Tp over to Allure, join the group and take the free gifts.  I found clothing and boots to fit all occasions on the group gift wall. I’m still gobsmacked!  I guarantee you’ll be back many times. Check out Allure’s website here.

5 March End of Time presents:
12pm Freddy Mergatroid
1pm RonnieMayes
2pm  KevinMThomas Carpool
3pm Wolem Wobbit
4pm Blane Sonnenkern
5pm BlindBoink Parham
6pm izdovrcr Finesmith
7pm Maurice Mistwallow

5 MarchThe Source presents:

8pm Jon Bazar
9pm Grif Bamaisin
10pm Stratakat


My Avi challenge  picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Skin  and Shape ~Cupcakes -~Cupcakes – Amelie – Ginger – Blonde Skin with Amelie Shape 2  +- Amelie – TATTOO – Ginger – Cleav2 +  – Amelie – TEETH Available at Shop Free Style

Hair ~ D!va “Naomi” (Cat’s eye) ( Group Gift)

Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes – Machine  (March Group Gift)

Nails ~ RatzCatz ~ Finger Nails v1  ( Group Gift)

Outift ~  Allure Devious Panel Corset Oufit  (includes Allure Devious Knee Boots [Mesh-Ivory])

Jewlery ~ Eclectica China Beads Set ( Includes Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and Hat pin [not worn] )  Available at Shop Free Style

Ring ~ Eclectica Bibelot Ring in Turquoise&Silver Available at Shop Free Style

Background ~ KaTink Photo Studio v1.0 Final

Poses ~  Exposeur  ~Sex Kitten FS Exclusive Available at Shop Free Style

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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