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Today wedding bells rang for my good friend Oodlemi Noodle who, if you are a frequent reader of my blog will have  read about many times. Oods and Ravenclaws exchanged vows aboard a mechanical whale in a Steampunk ceremony at The Joy of Steampunk Museum.  Officiated by the Honorable Begonia Oh. The ceremony was well attended by many of their friends. A reception was held aboard a beauitfully designed airship at the Steampunk Museum. Where else but in SL could you have such a fun and unusual wedding. Congrats to the happy couple, wishing you both lots of happy days.

I’ve never really explored Steampunk in SL so putting together an outfit was a bit of an expericence for me. I had several items in my inventory and really only had to buy the dress and necklace. I explored the sim a bit before the ceremony and found it to be quite interesting and will defintely be returning for a closer look. My picture  shows my wedding outfit, I hope I managed to do the theme justice.

After the wedding ceremony I headed to the Whisky Go Round .“ One of Second Life’s Longest Running Events….. Muscicians and Singers come from across the grid to play for the best crowd in all of Second Life, that’s you …. Each artist performs 3 songs and oh yea —they take a shot of their favorite beverage before each song ….It gets crazy And you can partake tooo…. We have the crazy sploder,ALSO prizes given out every fifteen minutes …. So come and meet some awesome new firends, enjoy some great music and dance the night away…..It’s a very fun atmosphere where you can let loose and go crazyyyyyyyyy Come on over  let’s party.” I always enjoy myself there as the musican’s cycle through 3 songs at a time, which keeps things interesting. This evening I heard Grateful Stryker, One summer Oh, Hojo Warf, Shaun Macpherson,Vince, Darla, Gath Gothly,Todd Rumsford,Francois Beaumont,Annabellelee Fretwork and Mich Rumpler. Good fun tonight as everyone sang their 3 songs. Drop by Whisky Go Round Saturday nights starting at 8pm slt and be prepared to enjoy some great  music.


My best friend and the lady who makes some of my  awesome blog picture backgrounds, Owl Dragonash is having a showing of her fabulous pictures in the Gallery at Commune Utopia for the week of  9/03-16/03 . Drop by the Gallery and feast your eyes on some of the amazing places Owl has photographed around the grid. Photos are for sale by donation to the commune or gallery.


Relay for Life got off to a fabulous start today More than 200 people attended the Kickoff Ceremony today. There are still lots of events going on tomorrow so drop by if you have the time. Also Fashion for Life with some amazing items for sale, many exclusive to  RFL/FFL.
Here are the SLurls for the kick off ceremony

RFL kickoff 1:

RFL kickoff 2:

RFL kickoff 3:


10 March End of Time presents:
12pm Quinton Whitman
1pm  Pol Arida
2pm Vincent Carpathea
3pm Blane Sonnenkern
4pm Chris Darkstone
5pm Jean Munro
6pm Shadez Rhapsody


10 March The Source presents:

4 pm Sir Jackson Wolfe
5 pm Beamer Lowtide
6 pm Jamba Losangeles
7 pm Voodooo Shilton
8 pm Reggie Sunset
9 pm Raspbury Rearwin
10 pm Rara Destiny


My Wedding going Steampunk picture is brought to you by the following:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~ Maitreya Green II – Scandinavian Blond

Dress ~PixelDolls Empire Anais Dress . Cocoa

Stockings ~ blakopal Gearworks stockings-black

Shoes ~ Blackburns ~ 19th C Lace-Up Bootie Black

Necklace ~ PIXEL BOX – Necklace Steampunk “Open Secrets”

Hat ~Ezura ~  VIP Steampunk Hat and WEG ~Romance Le Noir Hat (both old group gifts no longer available)

Glasses ~ air ~  reading glasses ( old mhoh gift)

Pose ~ My AO

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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